Tales Of Arise Gets Preorder Discount For Xbox And PC

Tales of Arise, the next game in the long-running role-playing series, is only $50 ahead of its release next week.

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Tacoboto42d ago

The demo on this was fantastic, couldn't say no when I saw this preorder deal. This'll be my third day-one purchase for the year and my first Tales game.

Looks and runs very nicely even on Series S.

slowgamer42d ago

I wish there would have been PC demo too. Tha't makes me a bit worried of performance. Also I don't know if I like tthe combat or not so would been nice to try.

Sephiroushin42d ago

I tried the demo on PS5 and the combat feel a lot more like Starocean, I liked it way more than previous tales (and yes I have played every single one of them since tales of phantasia)...If it could help My fav is Graces F, followed by vesperia, symphonia and destiny then berseria etc ...

The demo might come later just like scarlet nexus one;

I preordered on PC from humble for 48$, they havent send keys yet though!

slowgamer42d ago

Old Star ocean second story which I played on ps1, man I loved that game. =P If combat is like that it's pretty sweet.

These replies are weird. Sometimes you can reply and sometimes you cannot.

Snookies1242d ago

Thanks for the heads up! Got the Xbox copy, since I have a Series S. Was struggling with which system to buy it for. My PC needs an upgrade for sure, so I was a bit worried on the performance there. Don't have a PS5, and I wanted a smoother experience than the PS4. So I figured Series S would be a good middle ground! Either way, just happy to support the series! Next up on my pre-order list, Metroid Dread.

gamer780442d ago

Nice I preordered on Xbox too. Want to support the Japanese devs for bringing it to Xbox so we get more games.

Sephiroushin42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

$48 if you have humble sub, only for PC for xbox newegg is better deal!

phoenixwing41d ago

I forgot how much I paid but has good pc deals

Battlestar2342d ago

Hope it's on gamepass as i loved the demo but am not going to pay anymore then the price of gamepass to play it.

phoenixwing42d ago

I hope it never gets that cheap for you. Saying you loved it but won't really support the devs is disgusting to me

Battlestar2341d ago

Why should i have to support the devs they already make more then enough money via their overpriced dlc for other games. The least they could do is lower the prices of games to a more customer friendly level. All games no matter who makes them should only ever be at 20/30 dollars max.

Tacoboto41d ago

$20-$30 max?

Ironic from someone with a profile pic of a character in a $60-$70 title. What a stupid opinion.

andy8541d ago

Lower the prices of games to a more friendly level? I paid £37 for it. In 1993 I was paying that and more for games.

RedDevils41d ago

Lol you think people work 100hrs+ for free haha what a cheapskate.

autobotdan41d ago

I preordered this collector's edtion from the bandai namco website for my Xbox series x.