Project Magnum (Working Title) - Official Teaser Trailer | PS5, PS4

PROJECT MAGNUM (working title) is a new looter shooter game developed by Nexon subsidiary NAT GAMES.

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masterfox45d ago

Well it looks stunning no doubt but a developer well know for mobiles games MMORPG with lots of MTs kills the excitement for it.

Deathdeliverer45d ago

They said it’s mixed footage. The part that does actually look like gameplay isn’t bad looking. From what I can tell, and hope, it’s going to be like a Remnant of the Ashes 4 player romp. If that is the case, sign me up.

repsahj45d ago

I like Remnant, just hoping that the replay value of this game is better. I stop playing remnant after i've completed all the areas.

shepherdzeMan45d ago

Imagine if this was a xbox exclusive , i mean all the negative comments it would have

annoyedgamer45d ago

Its going to be loaded with MTX anyways, Nexon is known for that.

InUrFoxHole45d ago

Imagine if you didn't do the whole imagine if thing.

shepherdzeMan45d ago

imagine if sony fanboys weren't so butt hurt all the time.

Hatchetforce45d ago

"imagine if sony fanboys weren't so butt hurt all the time."

Your comment should have a /i for irony. Do you realize how you sound in this thread?

Darkborn45d ago

This game does look interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing more.

Gaming4Life198145d ago

Looks good to me but I'll wait until I learn more about this game before I commit to buying.

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The story is too old to be commented.