Vidéotron: Up to 100Mbps

Get ready for Ultra Extreme Super Mega Fast Internet connection in your home. Vidéotron, an ISP in Canada, recently announced that they are testing since a couple of months a brand new technology that will allow residential client to access internet at 100mbps.

Complete traduction of the website with Babel Fish:

We learned today that Vidéotron, the company of Mr Péladeau for some time tests a modem of Cisco making it possible to quintuple the current speed of its Ultra service high speed. A target group of almost 150 people are useful of the new Wideband modem of company Cisco making it possible to reach speeds of remote loading which can go until the 100 megabits/seconds (mbits/s). Thus, a 90 second old clip is downloaded in 25 seconds contrary at 45 seconds with current technology. Isabelle Dessureault, person in charge for the corporative businesses at Vidéotron declares: "... we can benefit from our current infrastructure, without having to invest more in our network. For 5 years, 1 billion has been used to modernize our network for the these innovations ". Vidéotron is able thus to open the tap "we will offer to our customers fixed prices of 30-40 or 60 megabits/seconde... summon us in reflexion", add-you it. The new Wideband modems will be deployed in 2007. At Vidéotron, one specifies that in order to profit fully as of these speeds, it is necessary a muscular machine and the addition of a cable modem multi channel. No price was announced for the moment.

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BIadestarX4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

DJ, is 100mbps enough for digital distribution?

Papz28w84900d ago

its like 5 times faster than the fastest internet connection here in canada so i think it will be damn enough for a while. 100mbps means an average download rate of ~12,500Ko/sec, so ...

PS360PCROCKS4900d ago (Edited 4900d ago )

Whoa that's so awesome! 30-40 or 60 MB/s? Lol SWEET! I have an 8 Mb/s now and I still feel like thats slow haha but I'm extremely impatient

NamSck4900d ago

You have 8Mb/s not 8MB/s. 8Mb/s=1MB/s 100Mb/s=12.5MB/s

Rooted_Dust4900d ago

America's standard for High-Speed is 7 times lower than most countries. Also 30 percent of American's are still forced to rely on Dial-up. F* 100mbps, I'll be more impressed when we get 100% broadband penetration in this country.

CAPS LOCK4900d ago

then you should see japan's internet connection, there average internet speed is 512Mb/s and they are releasing double that, yes 1gb speed.

Marriot VP4900d ago

yah I wish I lived in an insanely overpopulated island too

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