IGN AU: 10 Wonders of the Gaming World

Gamers are a passionate bunch, there's no doubt about it. When we're not playing games, we're chatting about them. And when we're not chatting about them, we're thinking about them. And when we're not thinking about them, well, a select few of the most passionate are hacking them, building robots to play them or making machinima based on them.
Gaming is absolutely an obsession for many of us, but this feature is all about saluting those people - the guys and gals who take it to the next level. The freaks (and we mean that in the nicest possible way) with the talent, creativity and - importantly - time, to create truly mind-blowing gaming projects that become part of gamer culture. Today IGN AU is going to showcase ten of the most impressive, hilarious and breathtaking creations to emerge from the DIY scene. Enjoy!

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