1UP: Grand Theft Auto IV Review

The new mouse-and-keyboard controls work great for combat -- a headshot is as easy as falling off a log! Driving with the keyboard takes some getting used to, but an Xbox 360 controller hooked up the PC fixes that. You can swap freely between mouse and gamepad, complete with context-sensitive controller tool tips onscreen.

But the best new GTA4 PC feature is also a subtle one, but its importance is hard to overstate: Independence FM is a new radio station composed of your own music. Open your music folder and drop in some songs, or even just a shortcut to wherever you keep your MP3s. This creates your own soundtrack. Niko Bellic may not do the things you want him to do, but at least he'll do them to the songs you know. And you can guarantee at least twice as many of those moments where you drive around the block before stopping because you like this song.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3602d ago

I might pick this one up.

I loved this GTA. It's actually the only one I DO like. The rest of them lacked storyline or that immersed feeling...ya know? They got old REALLY quickly.

I preferred Bully to the old GTA's. I love Bully!

brianodom3602d ago

This game is loaded with problems that need to be patched

TheColbertinator3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Excellent score.Not only is the PC version glitchy but the entire game is 50-60 dollar sleeping pill.Glad GTA4 has been taken down a peg.

SAiOSiN3602d ago

i loved story line in gta4 but i felt like i was doing the same thing over and over and over. this game needs more variety. the highlight is definately party mode with buddies. b+/A+ in my book.