'No Man's Sky' New Update Sounds More Like Star Wars Than Ever

Anybody who knows anything about No Man's Sky will be aware of the meteoric redemption arc the game has undergone since its rather disastrous release back in 2016.

Constant updates and patches from developer Hello Games has seen it become a real favourite among gamers the world over.

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Gaming4Life198144d ago

Yea I have already destroyed the game but I might get back on to play this update. It launched in a bad state but at least they constantly updated it to make it better.

Gaming4Life198143d ago

why is that weird? I have already done it all in the game and i said i might get back on following this update cause it adds some new things but i have fully completed the game. I mean what about this new update completely changes the game?

F0XH0UND92242d ago

What do you mean by "destroyed the game?" I took it literally, like you actually broke the disc or something lol This new update add a when new dynamic to the game. Major expansion of base-buikding, procedurally generated settlements, interiors, and buildings. It's really cool.

Dirty_Lemons44d ago

Hello Games released it to a tonne of criticism (probably deserved), went silent for a long time, and have spent the past 5+ years turning it into something far more refined. Always nice to hear of a reasonably small team managing to turn failures into success.

I don't often hear much about it but the fact it was also a complete VR game as well is just crazy.

SullysCigar44d ago

This. VR is a game changer and sucks you right into NMS. I can't wait to get back in there with each new update.

Fair warning though for anyone that's not yet tried it in VR: it's blurry in OG PS4, passable on Pro, but gorgeous on PS5!

Blade9244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Did they actually release a PS5 patch for the game with the VR?

SullysCigar44d ago

^ Hi Blade92, no specific patch to my knowledge, but the PS5 version in PSVR is higher resolution, better FPS, less pop in, greater draw distance, reduced load times, the works.

It feels like a different game - and all the updates ever released work with VR, right down to riding animals!

Vanfernal43d ago

I honestly didn't even know PSVR was compatible with PS5 games. I thought it only ran in backward compatibility mode. Gotta give it another try!

uth1143d ago

@Blade92 - the PS4 version of NMS has VR enhancements that really improve the experience on PS5.

However, the PS5 version of NMS doesn't support VR.. probably when PSVR2 comes out.

It's confusing, but if you have a PS5 and PSVR and want to play NMS you will probably want both the PS4 and PS5 versions installed

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TheRealTedCruz44d ago

I appreciate they actually worked to make it comparable to what they promised, but the reason they got so much flack is because they just straight up lied about the game; bringing up elements and mechanics that simply didn't exist in the game.

The millions of people who bought the game right after release were stuck with a promise they wouldn't receive for years.

It's pretty anti-consumer. All they did was receive a bunch of money from the early sales, then actually build the game off of that funding. It was an Early Access game, disguised as a retail relase, and the only people negatively impacted by it were the early adopters.

TheRealTedCruz43d ago

States facts, gets a giant amount of downvotes.


swifty143d ago

Sounds like you just explained CD Project Red and the saga of Cyberpunk 2077

TheRealTedCruz43d ago


And I constantly criticize CDPR, even when I got the game for free. Two versions, actually.

One company releasing a lie of a product doesn't discount another, if that's the narrative you're trying to create. I don't care how big or small your development team is.

If you lie about a product, and that results in the consumer purchasing the game based on that lie, you're an asshole.

Flakegriffin44d ago

Playing this now. Insane how much there is now.

DarkZane44d ago

A few more updates of that scale and I might actually go back to it. The launch version was pretty bad.

yeahokwhatever43d ago

theres been a LOT of updates. I just started over, and holy cow its great. i landed on a planet and its just teeming with life. burrowing swirly looking critters, trees that glow at night.. its not the same game. its incredible.

VivaChe43d ago

This game is amazing now. But one BIG thing that’s still bad: the bugs. So many. Example: I built a kick ass base with landing pads. I’ll be damned if I can get any aliens to land on my base. Another: every once in a while, you log in and “poof” you’ve lost some random but critical stuff, like a couple of solar generators just gone. So they really need to fix these!

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