Breaking The Wall: 10 Memorable Grindspots Across the Video Game Landscape

VGChartz's Issa Maki: "Grinding and video games go hand in hand; it's one of those things that we've all done. If it's not some powerful wand or armor to yearn over, it could be overcoming a boss that's had your number for weeks. Certain deals are too good to pass up when they're on the table; others can't be unseen once revealed. An element of catharsis also factors into this equation, the dulling repetition of harvesting crops or mining ore has a soothing effect that feels nice after a hard day's work.

Even if it can be embarrassing and we have to excuse ourselves afterwards, grinding is one of those facets of video games that's as natural as having to press a button to jump. Compiled for your pleasure is a list of some of the more memorable 'grindspots' I've come across in the gaming world."

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