Genshin Impact wishlist: Quality of Life changes, F2P Friendly Weapon Banner, and more

Here are some of the minor changes in the Genshin Impact wishlist in Quality of life that could make day-to-day life better for the traveler.

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Kaii44d ago

F2P Friendly Weapon Banner - I'm going to take a leap & say the change they made In 2.0 was due to whales getting discouraged pursuing the refine 1 weapon to the max.
Hoard your primos & only grab characters 14 days Into the banner where the community has highlighted the pros and cons of said character.

Electro In this game is pretty garbage and my Raiden who's sitting at 291% recharge with 160%Cdmg & 21%Cup is trash tier. (Moving back onto the quality Improvements)

Yeah, Implement the login rewards for other platforms.
Certain days offer dedicated stats for artifacts, the artifact grind in this game is the freaking worst.
Allow me to track my overall materials on my character advancement screen, I shouldn't have to hop between menus to keep track of stuff like that.

PapaBop43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

What set and comp are you running with Raiden? You must be doing something seriously wrong if you think she's trash tier. I'm at C0 47% crit 153% crit damage and 234% ER and doing 72k damage on her burst animation alone and that's with her at level 80 and her burst talent at level 8. For reference, I'm running Yoimiya, Xiangling, Raiden and Zhongli. Pop Xiangling's burst, then Yoimiya's then switch to Raiden then use hers, the damage is crazy when you can group mobs together.

Kaii43d ago

The element electro itself is pretty trash, constellation 2-3 knocking it out of the park for Raiden is pretty much my issue. I've got mine on C2 and she just deletes.
Her burst is excellent, My crit rate at 19/21 isn't great and the only obvious problem.

Her C2 penetrating 60% enemy def is Insane & should've been 30% built into her basic kit & throw the other 30% + something extra as C2.
My original post was about having her at C0 >.<

justadelusion43d ago

yeah.. the game is friendly enough for f2p, mihoyo not going to go overboard with it though and if that bothers you, gacha games arent for you.

Kaii42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Venti & Zhongli change the game massively, what bothered me was Raiden In battery state wasn't viable at c0.
Ganyu & the 2 other archons are insanely good at the base constellation.
Raiden as battery restores 25 energy o_O <.<

godofiron42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I wish Raiden Shogun (and many other characters) was a little stronger at base constellation, because it's definitely not viable for a F2P to get her above C0 (getting her even once is incredibly lucky) but even so, I'm having an absolute blast with her.

honestly, just increase daily commisssion rewards so it's possible to make AT LEAST one pull a day. Mihoyo is too stingy as it currently stands.