Babylon’s Fall Developer PlatinumGames Promises Changes Due to Beta Feedback; PS4 Beta Dated

Today PlatinumGames and Square Enix published new information about the upcoming game Babylon’s Fall, including further beta phases and responses to feedback from the first beta test.

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Viking_mo53d ago

Go back to original concept and drop the live service crap

talocaca53d ago

It looks gross. The live service thing really killed it (and so did the horrible graphics and voice acting).

Hard pass.

Scissorman8253d ago

I've never 180'd on a game so quickly. When it was first teased I was beyond excited but the full reveal really turned me off.

phoenixwing53d ago

Yeah it went from anticipated to ignored immediately

Pyrofire9553d ago

Cool. It has potential. It actually really got me excited until I started seeing more details about the game.