Sony's Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Upgrade Strategy Straight Up Sucks

Without much of an upgrade option, PS4 players have to lock in which Horizon version to buy without knowing when they'll play on PS5.

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Knushwood Butt94d ago

What are the differences between the PS4 and PS5 versions?

Neonridr94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

better resolution, faster frame rates, ray tracing, faster loading, dual sense integration, 3D audio. Just throwing those things out there off the top of my head if I had to take a guess.

Jin_Sakai94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Pretty sure Forbidden West doesn’t support Ray-tracing. Also, Sony really need to short this out asap.

where-eagles-dare94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I played the entire game originally on the Ps4 Pro and I have sunk several hours into the upgraded game on the Ps5 and I can say that the visuals, to me, look a lot crisper & the 60 fps frame rate is buttery smooth and a tremendous addition.

The loading times have indeed been shortened.

### Edit - My apologies - I miss read the above and mistakenly thought you were both referencing Horizon Zero Dawn. In my defence, it's late here & I'm a nincompoop.

VersusDMC94d ago

They also said the underwater effects were downgraded on the PS4 version as well.

Neonridr94d ago

@Jin - fair enough, I'm sure there are enough upgrades over the base PS4 version though.

jukins93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Horizon forbidden west definetly suppor5s ray tracing. . Use it for rendering, sound etc

dumahim93d ago


The hell? Reading the quote from the link, how is ray tracing used in rendering and physics?

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Bruh93d ago

Though Ray Tracing could end up in the final product, none of the preview videos have shown any form of RT in any form...where the hell did you pull that one from? lmao

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JohnJ93d ago

There’s no PS4 version because Sony believe in console generations and making next-gen games that would be impossible on older hardware. Until they realise they’re losing money by doing that, then they charge you for both versions and suddenly it works on PS4.

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darthv7293d ago

I just remembered Sony said HFW was supposed to be a free upgrade game, but I guess since it is no longer considered a "launch window" game it no longer applies?

TheDibbler93d ago

There was another quote from Jim Ryan later where he still said it would be a free upgrade even after it slid out of the launch window. So it was basically another one of those we believe in generations style lies.

ShadowWolf71293d ago

@TheDibbler He's not made a comment since it was delayed out of the launch window, what are you talking about?

4Sh0w93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

True but like Destin said I think most people would consider that to be a very, very weak excuse to go back on your word. Bottom line is if you say something will be free, then it should be free, otherwise a company can arbitrarily change any position to justify lying to us= Bad for PS gamers, Bad for the industry imho.

ElvisHuxley93d ago

Not sure, but the PS5 version is one of the best looking games I've ever seen. Can't imagine the PS4 will be able to replicate that too closely.

NoFanBoy93d ago

One looks like it's running on a 8 year old console and the other does not.

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Christopher93d ago

The $10 extra on PS5 alone is an added tax on top of the hardware we already paid for.

I'll do what I've done with certain games, wait until the super deluxe edition is on sale for $60 or less. I haven't even touched GoTDC because I want it on PS5 but don't want to be taxed $10 for the access on the hardware I spent $500 on.

crazyCoconuts93d ago

The not having a free upgrade is kinda a requirement since they have committed to the $10 upcharge for PS5, so I agree that the upcharge for PS5 is probably the core of the issue.
On that topic, if you take the position that Sony isn't gouging and genuinely needs to charge more for games in order to keep doing what they're doing, it is a bit tricky as to how to up the price while still appearing to be competitive with pricing. Maybe it would have made more sense to folks if they just upped the price for all versions to $70 and made the versions interchangeable (free upgrades)?

Christopher93d ago

***Maybe it would have made more sense to folks if they just upped the price for all versions to $70 and made the versions interchangeable (free upgrades)?***

Makes more sense than "Hey, we're happy you're supporting our future, but also, please pay an extra $10 because development costs more and we only want you to pay for that excess cost and not the people who play on PS4 or if you choose to just buy the PS4 version that can also be played on your PS5."

Either it's more expensive for everyone or for no one, IMHO. Blaming people for upgrading is the wrong answer, IMHO.

itsmebryan93d ago

Did you know that Sony said the upgrade would be free. That is the problem people are having. So, it went from $60 with a free upgrade to $80 to be able to play on the PS4 and Ps5 one you can get one.

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LucasRuinedChildhood93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Hopefully, like the plan to shut down the PS3 PS Store, they'll reverse this bad decision if enough people complain about it. Otherwise, the same thing will happen with GOW2.

And by the time the game launches, who wants the discussion to still be about bad business practices that Guerilla's developers had no say in? Sony need to cop on.

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Sonyslave394d ago

Sony for the players smh suck for those who cant grab a ps5 for standard price.

CaptainHenry91693d ago

And Jim Ryan is laughing about it 😁

SoulWarrior94d ago

This does indeed suck and I hope Sony reconsider.

wwinterj93d ago

Why would they? Are folk new to gaming here? If not you'll understand in the past we had no choice but to pick a console edition to buy and pay again when a new gen version came out or wait and buy the new gen version. Not sure why some folk think free next gen upgrades or a small fee to upgrade is normal here.

ProLogY93d ago

When your competition is offering upgrades for free, it’s a bad look, no matter how you try to spin it.

QSPR93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Indeed, this is a di ck move by SONY. I'm a big PlayStation fan and supporter but not this kind of move.

Ryuk_200794d ago

Hold on.. so the ps4 version is $60 and ps5 version is $70... but to own both of them is $80? What kind of ass backwards shenanigans is this??

Tacoboto94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Yep, so if you get that PS4 disc, you've gotta repurchase the full game to get the full experience on PS5 - no upgrades.

EvertonFC93d ago

How many parents will buy the ps4 version not knowing?

JackBNimble93d ago

No you can purchase the $200 deluxe edition and get both ps4 and ps5 versions I believe.
That is the only physical options available to get the ps5 upgrade.

Kyizen94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

80 for 2 copies of the game is cheaper than ot if you plan to upgrade to a ps5...

mrblackgx93d ago

People like you is why shampoo have instructions

JackBNimble93d ago

Yes you are correct, but unfortunately people like him aren't smart enough to read the instructions.

ABizzel193d ago

That's true, but that shouldn't be the case, especially when the competition isn't doing this. The entire reason these companies are still supporting the old consoles is because there are tens of millions on them, and they're struggling to get ships to mass produce enough consoles for their new systems.

We should not be paying $80 for a cross-gen game just to ensure we have the PS5 version in the future when we can finally get a console. It should be included in the $70 version to begin with or have a $10 upgrade charge at most, again when the competition is not doing this currently. Halo is $60 regardless of platforms and will upgrade when you get your new console, Forza Horizon 5 is $60 regardless of platform and will upgrade when you get your new console. This is a business move plain and simple for a few extra million, when all this kind of tactic does is make people wait to buy the game when they get their PS5 and by then the price of the game new is going to decrease.

This is one of the first legit stupid business decisions of the PS team this generation.

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glennhkboy93d ago

There you have it. It seems that a lot of PS owner said they don't mind, gladly pay any amount Sony asks you guys. I think Sony is just "listening to its fans", charge you guys what ever amount Sony like.

Eonjay93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

No it's just them being greedy.
This is on top of them having 5 different versions in preorder. I'm sure they will fix the upgrade thing tho.. people are pissed.

People don't understand we reserve the right as PlayStation fans to question them and demand better when they err.

What we don't support is dog piling on a company with attacks that don't have the best interest of the consumer in mind. It's far and in-between when these publications voice legit concerns.

We know the difference.

JustTheFax93d ago

Sony's back on its PS3 shit

Livingthedream93d ago

Lol @glenn it sounds like it’s going to be justified by its fan base. Seems ridiculous to me but hey, to each their own.

Orbilator93d ago

I'll pay whatever they want, money and prices don't bother me, if you can't afford to game then don't do it and stop moaning about the cost. That goes for parents too, don't buy your son/daughter a shiny new console then moan like mad about the price of games.

vallencer93d ago

The amount of people that are just willing to pay is mind boggling. Like when the competition is giving free upgrades why is it that they're not clamoring for Sony to do the same?

It isn't about not affording it. It's about getting a company to do what's right by it's player base. This crap Sony is doing isn't it. I get they're a business and all but this is the wrong way to do business especially when the competition isn't doing this.

Orbilator92d ago

Microsoft are not making any money off game pass and eventually it will crumble, no way they make money. And when halo infine goes on with it's 500 million development costs where is the money coming from that ? Not from the gaming devsion that's for sure. The Microsoft model is a very poor idea and long term it's a recipe for disaster.

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wwinterj93d ago

Not a bad deal to get both versions for $40 each if you care that much.

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