Overwatch Voice Actor on McCree Name Change: It 'Needed To Be Done'

Blizzard announced that it was renaming Overwatch's McCree due to controversy surrounding the real-life Jesse McCree. Voice actor Matthew Mercer has finally spoken out about the matter.

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-Hermit-53d ago

No it didn't. Most people that play Overwatch don't even know or care about the issues with Blizzard right now.

jambola52d ago

and the people who care will be upset that Blizzard allowed it to happen
not that they kept a name

Godmars29052d ago

Its literally one of a number of issues currently plaguing the company. A symptom of an old corrupt exploitive culture not isolated to Blizzard.

That there's another likely apparent - to some - corrupt exploitive culture waiting/moving to replace it, is sadly - kind of - besides the point.

TheDoomedGuy52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

And not only that but they willingly attracted attention to the issue since by changing the name they will make people wonder and look into it.

It'll back fire since it's gonna make more people upset and possibly boycott.

Changing the name of a character in a freaking videogame trivializes what actually matters regarding the issue

-Foxtrot52d ago

Did it though?

I know he's just saying it because if he said otherwise the twitter mob would have slaughtered him, ruining potential future work for him but hardly anyone knew except the hardcore fanbase that he shared the name with a blizzard employee in the whole scandal.

Godmars29052d ago

Thing is, now that it is known, its being made public. And the longer all of this mess continues, that information will also become more known.

SDuck52d ago

A good way to understand how absurd this is would be by replacing McCree with John. Imagine changing a character's name because some John has some beef with the studio. It's ludricous. More important than being based on the real guy's name is that the name McCree was actually a badass name for a cowboy.

GenMasterB52d ago

Anyone old enough to remember the 3DO, Sega CD gun game "Mad Dog McCree"??

jambola52d ago

no, getting rid of sexually abusive people in your company "needed to happen" changing a name is just their way of acting like they didn't ignore horrible sexual abuse at their company for years

kneon52d ago

I think it was a pre-emptive move before someone makes a connection between the two.

Spenok52d ago

People are so damned dumb.

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