Dead Space Sequel in 2009?

Dead Space will without a doubt be getting a sequel. Will it be in 2009? Also will it be getting the multi-player treatment that EA CEO John Riccitiello mentioned today?

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chaosatom3599d ago

Cool, just bought dead space, haven't opened it because i have finals.

Will open it after a few days. I bought it for $30. I hope its good.

Timesplitter143599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

man, I'm with you.

I put my PS3 in a box and I won't open it till I'm done with my finals

It's time to inject books into my veins and eat coffee grain. STUDYING IS HARDCORE!

Seraphim3599d ago

I think it was one of the best games I played this year... It fell on my radar by default, wasn't interested one bit until about a week before release. I didn't have anything to play and knew Golden Axe was going to be a BIG FLOP so I Q'd Dead Space from gamefly. Got it, loved it, bought it, and for $30 you definitely can't go wrong imho...

Obviously a sequel is coming but I don't see an online mode working. If they come up with something it will be more or less tacked on. Not something worth really taking the time to play and/or enjoying... This is just a perfect example of a single player game imo...

barom3599d ago

Been playing it and it's awesome. I love it.

Danja3599d ago

I was quite surprised by how much I actually enjoyed Dead Space and im more than happy if they can actually produce a worthy sequel in 2009...^_^

AngryHippo3598d ago

....easily one of the best titles this year. If you like survival horror/action games, you will love this. Dismemberment is great fun too. =0)

SL1M DADDY3598d ago

Don't rush it EA. Also, leave the MP out and focus all your efforts on the single player and make it creepier, and more tense than the first. The original Dead Space is awesome and one of my all time favorite games. Making the second any better will take a ton of effort and I would hate to see them waste it on a half-arsed MP just to appease a few folks.

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omodis4203599d ago

Every time I go to rent Dead Space, its gone. I've been trying to get my hands on it from day one. GGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!

chaosatom3599d ago

you're going to get owned for saying that you're renting.

I know I did. lol.

omodis4203599d ago

People that buy 10 hour games are getting owned for 60 bucks. Not me. Let them say whatever they want. Blockbuster = 9.00 for a one month rental. Look into their details. 1.25 restock fee plus fee for renting game. Anyone that argues with that can kiss my mingie.

Heldrasil3599d ago

Don't buy it, its worth the rent though. As a big fan of survival horror, I would have to say it's much better than Silent Hill: Homecoming...but not as good as what RE5 is going be....or as good as RE4 was.

Panthers3599d ago

It was very scary and gory, but I didnt like the story like I do with RE.

Bolts3598d ago

This game is a rental. Play it and toss it. Like all scary games they're only good the first time.


i have the game and i still havent played it

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Timesplitter143599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )


I've always thought that if I made a horror game, it would be set in an abyssal lab. There'd be a moment where you'd have to walk on the abyssal plain to another station (monorail would be broken). All you'd see would be the lights of the other station far away, and you'd be in total darkness. And suddenly the people walking with you are starting to disappear, you start running and you see an arm floating in the water right in front of you! Ha!



And maybe it could be a prequel and that's where they found the original Marker on Earth!


Aclay3599d ago

Dead Space was a sleeper hit this year and I really loved the game. I wouldn't be surprised if a Dead Space sequel did come out in 2009 because EA is becoming pretty notable for their yearly releases like Madden and Need For Speed.

I just hope that EA doesn't rush the developers just to get the game out.


During the end of the game when Isacc was attacked by that woman that turned into one of those creatures, I think that there's a chance that he could have survived because it didn't show Isacc actually getting killed, so anything is possible.

If EA wants Dead Space to sell more than the first, then Multiplayer would be good, but I don't think that Dead Space needs multiplayer. I would prefer that the developers just concentrate on making the best Single Player experience possible and not get too distracted by the multiplayer. If the next Dead Space game has multiplayer, it will probably be shorter and I don't want that because I spent around 16 hours with the Single Player in Dead Space during my first playthrough and I want the sequel to be just as long.

omodis4203599d ago

I want to play Dead Space. But it really does look like Resident Evil in space.

Cenobia3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )


Actually it would make more sense if he didn't make it. That way the ship could be picked up or crash on a planet spreading the infection (or whatever) even further. That way you'd have a new environment and an excuse for how they got their. They could also hide clues in the game to how it happened just for nostalgia. I'm not sure if it would spread without the marker (or maybe it'd be somehow different), but it did spread on that military ship.

Isaac also doesn't really have any story left, in my opinion. I think it would be better with some random new person so we could see a different angle.

oriol0033599d ago

Damn EA is just trying to rack up more money without putting much effort and time into their sequels.

omodis4203599d ago


iClutch3598d ago

You can say that again

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