The Shady Side of Adult Games on Steam

Valve has opened the floodgates on shovelware content, allowing all sorts of adult games to exist on Steam, but some of seem questionable at best.

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mch2011uk43d ago

GTA, Call of Duty, Mass Effect, The Last of Us etc are all adult games in the UK. Adults have their own entertainment too.

Quickstrike43d ago

So? Adults can and should have content that caters to us.

HeliosHex43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Adult content means handling adult subject matter like an adult. If sex games offend you block them. I agree though that too many games on steam are straight garbage. But that's because not too many developers have the means to make quality sex games. Hopefully that will change.

annoyedgamer43d ago

Oh no sexual content exists, who will think of the children? I know, lets give them games about killing people to keep them away from the sexual content!