The 18 Mystery Xbox 360 games that you know nothing about...

CVG managed to dig out 18 under-hyped Xbox 360 games that might have snuck under your radar...

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Sphinx4297d ago

I'm hoping Huxley ends up meeting my expectations... and I hope 2 Days to Vegas gets finished.

kewlkat0074297d ago

I never knew some of these games existed.
I can't wait for Turok. I remember playing that on the N64, back in the good ol days. It was like the biggest and best shooter on a console.

Grown Folks Talk4297d ago

to thesies and elveon. might pick up huxley, but the first MMOs on my plate are marvel universe online and A.P.B.. my question is, where's my quantum leap game at? the ultimate adventure game with unlimited storyline potential.

highps34297d ago

Wow that list sucks. Almost everything is going to PC. Killing Day was cancelled. Atleast they still have Mass Effect. Never been into Halo so.

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