IGN: The Value of the PlayStation 3

There's no doubting that the PlayStation 3's first couple years have been a little rocky, as worldwide sales figures currently put the system firmly in third place. The biggest knock against the system, since launch, has been its price. Launching at $500 and $600, it was much more expensive than the Xbox 360 right off the shelf. However, when you took things like its built-in WiFi into account or stacked it up against standalone Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3 actually turned out to be a great value.

But how does it stand today? As Blu-ray player prices spiral downward, especially players launched recently for this holiday season, and with the Xbox 360 having seen price cuts this year, is the PS3 still a great value despite it being the most expensive out-of-the-box console?

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TheHater3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

IGN forgot to add the costs of an xbox 360 controller charger and the $50 dollars a year for the xbox 360 live. Other than that, I do agree with almost everything that was written in that article

darthv723603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

There is lots of gaming that can be done in lieu of having live. Also what is wrong with just using a pair of AA batteries? If it is ok for the wii why isnt it ok for the 360?

90% of live is available for $0. you just have to pay to play competitive online.

I should also note that I have not seen an ONLINE ONLY title for the 360. The ps3 has warhawk which is that way but it also has free online play. I would much like to have seen a single player offline mode for warhawk but that is just me.

Bubble Buddy3603d ago

$60 here. >.<. Too expensive in my opinion. I'm not cheap. Don't tell me i'm cheap and that 14 cents a day for a year BS.

TheHater3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

There is nothing wrong with the AA batteries. I pay $2 for two AA batteries and the last me about 25-28 hours. But a lot of people, like myself and my brother, guy the chargers because we don't feel like going to the store and buy batteries every week. So they buy the charger to save them that trip to the store. The PS3 comes with a USB cable that charge my controllers

As for xbox live. That was my point. What about the people that want to play games online. I currently pay $50 a year for xbox live just to play online, and I don't play a lot of online on my xbox 360 because of the annoying little Kids I encounter most of the time. I don't pay anything for the PS3 online service.

Also since IGN is added the the cost of an HDMI cable and a Headset to the overall cost of the PS3 because those come with an Xbox 360 out of the box. Shouldn't they also add the cost of a charger and xbox live to the overall cost of the Xbox 360 because those two feature come out of the box of the PS3?

darthv723603d ago

Ok. I'll give you the charge and play kit. Seems only fair. Yet because the basic service of live (sans online play) is free much like PSN. The argument of requiring a paid subscription to live (less than the cost of a high profile game) is subjective. There are some who choose to be the casuals and do the netflix thing and download the live arcade games to play solo or do the same for retail.

While I have warhawk I choose not to play online because I suck at it (being honest). Because of a lack of a single player component this game now goes unplayed (my choice). At least with the 360 you have a choice to play online (small fee) or offline (always free).

These value for the $$ articles are merely points of views that everyone shares differently. I enjoy both and the cost involved with being a gamer is something I came to terms with loooong ago (2600 and up).

TheHater3603d ago

I do agree that it is a choice, but IGN didn't seem to get that memo. My earlier comment was to point that out. If they wasn't going to add the cost of Xbox live "Gold" membership and the cost of the controller charger, then they shouldn't have add the cost of the headset and HDMI cable. What they point of having an HDMI cable if you don't have an HD TV, or having a headset if you don't play online games.

patterson3603d ago

What good is pricing in a headset if you're not gonna play online.

And we're not talking a one time fee either. Every year you're gonna have to pony up.

And battery's lasting 25 hours... well, it's obvious people will buy the charger kit eventually. Who wants to keep buying battery's.

Definitely not an equal assessment.

0verdrive3603d ago

just a point to add, not everyone NEEDS to buy a headset for ps3. it takes all bluetooth, so many people who already have one for their phones can use that. also, a lot of pc gamers have a wired usb headset as well, just something to take into consideration.

3603d ago
blackpanther253603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I think i'll join in......all of you guys have good points especially you darth, but i was thinking in this time and age don't alot of people have a bluetooth headset already. I mean the i already had two headsets (my brother's apple headset for his iphone and my motorola headset). I don't think they really needed to add the headset to the amount and also you dont really need a headset to go online. God knows the headset that comes with the 360 doesn't last long.

Doppy3603d ago

And here's an even greater value.

According to Amazon is offering a 1 day deal I think ends tonight where if you add a 80GB PS3, Resistance 2 Collector Edition, and the Dark Knight Blu Ray in your cart and enter the code PSKNIGHT then you will get the R2 CE and The Dark Knight Blu ray for free.

Happy holidays.

MNicholas3603d ago

but doesnt want in included in the calculations.

Reality, most consumers will subscribe to online play. Therefore for a comparison that reflects market realities would include the cost of online for the life of the console as well as any accessories that have attach frequency, like Wifi and hard-drive.

It's fair to say that the average 360 owner spends more than the price of a PS3 on hardware, essential accessories and online play.

Danja3603d ago

bought my PS3 on launch day $599 , never regretted for a second , and it's more than worth the price for what it's offering ..

acedoh3603d ago

Realistically for anyone using their console as a multimedia hub then I am sure 60 or 80 gigs is not going to last long. Also gamers having the option to install games can quickly take up space. I had a 40 gig and had to upgrade to a 160 in less than a year. I can only imagine this would be the same for 360 users who end up having to pay for a Microsoft only hard drive.

jaysquared3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

As I always said the PS3 is a better value if your looking for a gaming console with Blu Ray capabilities. If your just looking to play games and have no need for blu ray then by yourself a 360. Also I know this wouldn't apply to everyone but I haven't paid $50 for live for the last two years. I got a deal this year from that had a 12 month subscription card, an official M$ chatpad, and PGR4 for only $55 shipped! I then returned PGR4 at wal mart and got myself a $30 giftcard. So for a chat pad and 12 month card I only paid $25 for it. So there are deals out there for live so you don't have to pay $50 a year for.

Here is the deal I got from Its up to $58 now...

@above- "Also gamers having the option to install games can quickly take up space. I had a 40 gig and had to upgrade to a 160 in less than a year. I can only imagine this would be the same for 360 users who end up having to pay for a Microsoft only hard drive. "

PS3 games actually have mandatory installs its not an option and not all have installs. The 360 now gives you the options of installing games in the hard drive and as of right now no 360 games have mandatory installs. So you really dont need to upgrade a 20gb/60gb hard drive unless you just want to hold more stuff in your hard drive.

I_am_rushin3603d ago

WTH? 90% of LIVE for $0. You mean what... achievements? Yeah they're real useful if you don't play online. Heck they're not that useful even if you do play online.

The fact remains that you have to pay $50 a year to play online.

jcfilth3603d ago


This article=Fail

It's official, 60% of US gamers are dumb!! (I'm a part of the other 40%) lol

Time_Is_On_My_Side3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

"I should also note that I have not seen an ONLINE ONLY title for the 360. The ps3 has warhawk which is that way but it also has free online play. I would much like to have seen a single player offline mode for warhawk but that is just me."

- darthv72

Shadowrun for the XBOX 360 and PC is an online only game that means it's forcing you to pay to play. The gaming platforms are here for games and yes there is free level in some sense. Netflix you'll need a subscription from another service to use it, movies have a price, downloadable content for games usually have a price, the themes/avatars have prices, and of course the online for the XBOX 360 has a price. On the PlayStation 3 there is a lot more free stuff than XBOX Live like themes, avatars, and most importantly online play. Yes trailers, demos, and news feeds are free, isn't that free everywhere else?

The no batteries in the XBOX 360 controller is a negative and a bigger negative for the Wii since it's thee most expensive controller on the market to date. It's like buying a car knowing you're going to have to change the batteries every six months instead of five years like the rest of us. In the end the XBOX 360 is thee most expensive platform when it comes to TV consoles. Your arguement that playing a campaign is free and playing real people online turns you off is a weak argument. How is playing with your friends online a negative thing, is beyond me?

phosphor1123603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

------------|PlayStation 3---Xbox 360
Retail Price|$399------------$299
HD Cables---|+$20 (Varies)---Included
Headset-----|+$30 (Varies)---Included
WiFi Adapter|Included--------+$99
Cntrl Chrgr-|Included--------+$50
Online Play-|Free------------+$50

Adj Total---|$449------------$498

Knowing that you paid less for a better console: Priceless


Ok, that last line was fanboyish..but I thought it was funny lol

SL1M DADDY3603d ago

2 dollars for 25 hours of play time with your 360 controllers. That would be about 14.5 hours a week for an average player putting the cost of batteries alone at about 52 bucks a year. Add that to the total cost and you might want to consider buying those rechargeable batteries for your 360 controllers.

The thing about the PS3 price is, you pay now and not later. With the 360, you pay a little now, and the rest later. Sure it all looks nice up front but taking into account the expenses you incur throughout just one year of the 360, you find that the 360 is in fact a bit more expensive than one would originally think. Especially if you get into online gaming. Then it becomes a whole new monster.

PAPERCHASER03963602d ago

Troll get from under the bridge and out into the open zone....

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Buy the console u want to buy.If u want to buy both like me then do so.If u cannot afford a ps3 then wait till u have enough money to buy it... ENOUGH SAID..... (-_-)

TheHater3603d ago

I also have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3, and don't care what anyone says about the cost of the two console

mint royale3603d ago

the problem for sony is that more people are seeing a cheaper xbox better value than a more expensive ps3. The 360 isn't going to be overtaken anytime in the next few years by the ps3 but does it matter?

blackpanther253603d ago

yeah man i think you are right i bought my 360 for $400 and my ps3 for $500 and i hacked my 360 anyway. So the cost of the system is not a problem to me.

Rice3603d ago

What ever fuels the fire?

VampHuntD3602d ago

Is they are saying what people who can do math have been saying for the last two years. Upfront the PS3 has the larger price tag, if you do the math you see that for an EQUAL 360 cosnole you pay a ton more.

60GB PS3: $600 + Cables($20, which if you paid $20 for an HDMI cable you're an idiot anyway), Headset $30 (Again, if you paid that much, foolish)

20GB 360: $400 + Cables ($20,Assuming you even got a 360 with HDMI ports), Bluray player ($200, Notice that I used old numbers and the Bluray player is at the "newer" price. It is also a really crappy model. You could also substitute a HD-DVD player when looking at old times when they were warring for $100), Wifi ($100, or you could spend $50 or less and get a linksys), Matched size hard drive ($100, cause we all know those are freakishly overpriced. You could hack one for less, but I'm going 100% legit here).

Final Costs? PS3: $650, X360: Assuming Lowest Cost (400+20+100+50+100) = $670. Highest Cost (A matched system) = (400+20+200+50+100) = $770. That's still with the cheap wireless adapter.

Someone please correct me if I missed something, but after the math you can see that the PS3 is cheaper than the Equally matched 360. The catch is of course, that 360 allows the choice of getting those additions or not while the PS3 says you're getting them, now deal. MS (and you) know that eventually they will sucker you into the rest of that stuff, making it all cost more than you wanted to pay.

Notice, I didn't add Live because that is a service and not a required piece of the console either, however I own a 360 without LIVE and while it's still fun, it really sucks when half a game's achievements are online access only.

So yeah like I said, if you could do math, you already knew this. I do love how IGN negelects to mention that both consoles need to purchase an HDMI cable for best use.

Johnny Rotten3603d ago

After looking at the options for both of these systems it kinda makes me wonder why the Wii is so damn expensive?

mint royale3603d ago

supply and demand. More people see vale in buying a wii at its price than the other consoles. Why cut the price? Sales are increasing still!

thebudgetgamer3603d ago

how many add-ons for the wii?


Captain_Sony3603d ago

Every console has add ons. You are not forced to buy any of them. I fail to see how that is "milking" the consumer.. That would be Square who wants to release all the previous FF games over 4 or 5 platforms and still charge the price for a full game. Or Madden releasing the same game every year with minor tweaks instead of just offering a a quick update to the roster for each new season. Or how Guitar Hero is only 3 years old and already on the 9th game or so in the series.. That's milking

0verdrive3603d ago

lol have you seen the wii zapper? or the racing wheel? lol. i mean, ill agree to legitimate addons, like a bluetooth headset, hd cables, or xbox live, but the wii zapper is just waaaaay too much. its just a piece of plastic that holds the controller in the right direction. i could do that with my hands, probably more efficiently. that A button is impossible to reach.

poopsack3603d ago

ever since the beggining my friend

wanna play all of wii sports with a friend? Not only must you buy a second controller (ok happens with every other console) but you also need another nunchuck, 20 more bucks. Wii sports 2? not only the controller, nunchuck, and two wii motion plus' are necessary to experience the best of the game, but also a wii fit balance board for those games that require it.

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Kush_Reaper3603d ago

The thing is people know what they want. You have different people who want future proof hardware and knowing that the games from their previous console will eventually be release on the new hardware, and you have people who just want a cheap console with some good games here and there.

When or if the 80gig ps3 drops in price to $299, people will be asking microsoft to justify why they should buy the 60gig 360 for $299 when the ps3 has built in blu ray, wifi, 20gig more hdd space and free online play.

Basically what i'm saying is that the p3 has value and people who do their research know what to buy. Lets not forget that half the PS# fanbase hasn't upgraded to next gen as of yet.

The final thing i must point out is that, this console gen will be decided on the games that are exclusive to a platform. Games for the ps3 are coming in quantities and quality in the near future and with games like killzone 2, uncharted 2, MAG, gow3, gt5, war devil and many more along with some exclusive PSN titles the ps3's success is surely inevitable.