Crysis Remastered Trilogy to release in October 2021

Crytek today announced that the Crysis Remastered Trilogy, a great value all-in-one bundle featuring the remasters.

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autobotdan260d ago

"The Crysis Remastered Trilogy will also have a physical release for both PlayStation and Xbox platforms, while the Nintendo Switch will get a different retail release for all three Crysis remastered games. There is also an exclusive bonus art card included."

Day 1 I get!

Duke19260d ago

Holy hell do we live in the age of remasters. Maybe if people would stop buying this stuff, these companies would decide to prioritize new games

wwinterj260d ago

Maybe we can have both and folk can choose what they enjoy.

NeoGamer232260d ago

I do like a good remake vs remaster. 90% of remasters are just ports to the current tech. I am all for remakes like Demon's Souls, RE2, RE3, FF VII, Gears of War, etc. Remasters are just a milking exercise. They could've brought Crysis trilogy a lot farther forward with a proper remake.

CobraKai260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

Yeah. I couldn’t play Crysis back in the day so I’m grateful for the remake. That’s part of how remakes work. It gives people a 2nd or 3rd chance or, considering it’s a 13 year old game, introduces the game to a new generation. Then possibly a Crysis 4 of the interest is high enough.

JEECE260d ago

Unfortunately people are not as enlightened as you. Maybe if you talk a lot about "the masses" doing things you are too smart to do, they'll wise up.

hiawa23260d ago

We can have both as I am buying the collection.

BlaqMagiq1260d ago

I'd rather have both. Imagine less options being a good thing.

andy85260d ago

I personally love revisiting my favourite games from years ago with up to date visuals. Bring them on

REDGUM260d ago

While I understand you're point I don't necessarily agree with it. At the moment there is huge demand for the new consoles however as we all know there is also huge shortages worldwide for them. Making new games, I.P's etc is obviously the better way to go for these developers in the long-term. At the moment however the newer gen game's aren't selling to thier full potential due to not being able to access a new console to play it on.
Making remastered and tge like are bridging the gap for the devs untill they focus on newer games. The remasters won't fly off the shelves, that's not a dig at them, but will help stabilise financials for those companies to keep pushing along and through these trying times for everyone.
I too would prefer new games as I've managed to snag a new console but also I understand what lays ahead of us all, to some degree.

I will purchase this remaster as I liked the games and am more if a campaign player than MP.

I can see these tactics being used till late 2022 as it's not easy going out there.

Finger's crossed SONY can start ramping up production, as soon they can and as practically as possible.

Trying times for sure.

Ozzy2407259d ago

I agree i didn't buy a next gen console to play last gen games that's all it seems to be remaster after remaster

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The7Reaper260d ago

I'll definitely get this but I wish they had the multiplayer too, at least the Crysis 2 multiplayer, spent so many hours on it back in the day

Elronza260d ago

I'll be getting this for my future Steam Deck and my Alienware laptop that I already own.

Elronza259d ago

No lies told. I do indeed own an Alienware 17in laptop with Gtx 2070.

Yui_Suzumiya260d ago

Getting all 3 physically for Switch

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