Why Xbox Users Should Care About Home (Me Included) is answering the question as to whether or not current Xbox 360 owners should care about the imminent Playstation Home launch.

"As a current owner of both a Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3 I am trying to figure out whether the "360 owner" side of me should even be paying attention to Sony's online service, known as Home. As of right now I have only played a couple, at most, online games on my PS3. On the other hand I use the Xbox Live service almost every day, to either play games, chat with friends, or watch movies over Netflix. What does Sony have to offer with Home that can compete with that?

Over the next week, running up the the imminent launch of the Home service, I will look at what the online playground is offering to both current and potential Playstation 3 owners. For now I would like to know what you (please let us know whether you own a PS3 or not) are looking forward to from Home and if those features cause excitement or boredom. What should Microsoft think about Home? Use the comments section below or the link to the forum thread on this topic (also below) to sound off; I want to hear from both Xbox 360 and PS3 fans."


Playstation "Home" is now confirmed for Tomorrow, December 11 - 2009.

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TheHater3603d ago

they seem to care. You for one seem to care consider you troll all the HOME articles

UltimaEnder3603d ago

Why do you think that, personally I think the Xbox community should take notice to Home and make changes to NXE depending on how the gamer community responds to the online service......ignoring it will help no one, especially not the Microsoft fans!

GiantEnemyCrab3603d ago

Agreed Jack. Don't care. Just bring me AAA exclusive games and I could give 2 craps about my virtual dollhouse.

Yes, I've been in the HOME beta and it is so overhyped mainly by people who have not even been in Home. It's free(at least to login and get started) so can't complain too much about it. Going to be interesting to see the gaming public response when it launches, if it's in the same state as it is now in beta it will be one to gather the kids and make some popcorn because there will be flames.

digger183602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You say over hyped Crab mate, but It will sell a few systems.

How do I know this?

My 18 year old daughter was playing around with Home beta on Saturday night, with 5 of her friends watching. After 20 minutes, two of her friends went on and both ordered the 80 Gb Little big planet bundle each. Two of the others are getting one in the January sales.

So, this to me is proof this will be a system seller.

Edit for the Disagrees.....What is there to disagree about? If 2 of my daughter friends brought a PS3 straight away after seeing Home and the other 2 are going to buy one in January.

What up fanboys, can't you stand to see that Home will be a system seller?

resistanceFAILofman3602d ago

nonsense. Systems are decided on Games and what other systems mates are on ... NOT between HOME or NXE ...

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chaosatom3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )


I thought that Xbox owners or Microsoft would care. But an Xbox????

now that's new.

AAACE53602d ago

The avatars look more realistic and less corny than the Wii and 360 ones. It seems like HOME might be a great environment for gamers, and would keep gamers on their Ps3's for even longer periods of time!

The good thing is... they should have all the kinks out of HOME by the time I buy a Ps3!

chaosatom3602d ago

Now my comment is out of place.

It said that should xbox care, something like that.

Matsuiichi3602d ago

Bubbles to you just because your literal approach to that made me laugh.

acedoh3602d ago

Will care... Millions who have myspace and other social networking websites will care... Eventually as word spreads and people learn about how great the social network is. People will be able to personalize their HOME spaces with personalized pictures and other objects. I do think HOME will have a great effect on the gaming and social networking world of the next several years. This is just the beginning.

cherrypie3601d ago

A better Question:

Why dont current PS3 owners care about Second Life?

Second Life is a better platform, suitable for voice and video chatting, open to development -- why dont they care?

Because 3D Dollhouses like Second Life have proven to be pointless.

GOOGLE(!) even shut down their **OWN** 3D dollhouse, just recently.

Why on **EARTH** would Google do this? Because it has no future.

Bottom Line: home is stillborn, beyond a doubt, totally pointless.

Dont agree with me? Tell me, how much time do you spend Second Life?

cactuschef3601d ago

I can see where you are going with this, but in Second Life all you do is "live" in your 3d "world". Home however integrated games into it, and players can get together and create a party to go online in a real game to play. You can meet up with people looking to play some Cod4 or whatever other game, and then go play the game online together.

Personally i think it is a very cool idea to get like minded players together to play games. It's also a good way to meet new players online.

potenquatro3601d ago

Some fanboys might actually think their xbox has feelings and indeed cares. I feel just like the writer does, I do 98% of my console gaming on LIVE, but I can't wait for HOME and I hope it delivers on making matchmaking more efficient and easier. I really don't care about avatars as much. I just want to be able to connect fast anytime with anybody playing any game, wich I belive HOME will let you do(never got invited to the beta). The one thing I know is, the moment I install it I'm gonna study it for a while.

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Matix3603d ago

Home has been delayed countless times, and I think by the time it's released, people will be over the hype and it will not live up to expectations.

Fishy Fingers3602d ago

Release is in just a few days. Also, like many people who claim to have lost interest, your still clicking on the threads. So...

Anon19743602d ago

The notion that because of delays people won't care about home is beyond ridiculous. Did people lose interest in Halo 3 after multiple delays? How about Gears 2? Alan Wake? The NXE? Bioshock?

Considering the fact that Home has the advantage of being free, do you really believe that the 14 million people signed up on the PSN are going to log in, see the option of home and turn away without giving it a try?

gambare3602d ago

if it were a game that I should pay for it I would be disappointed if it weren't what I expected to be, but is an interactive social free software, and I have many friends on the PSN and I will enjoy it, already enjoy it in the beta.

about the crowded bowling, arcade, pool etc. it happens IRL :/

solidboss3602d ago

i completely agree with this guy (matix) sony has taken way too long making home and really gave us nothing in the form of videos and pictures to make us hyped up for it. dnt get me wrong i rather have something take long and be made right then make a game fast and careless. i love what konami did with mgs4. sure it took long but every trailer that they showed was worth it and made the hype grow. cant say the same for home

firetaw3602d ago

how you guys consider home to be a game... cmon now weve been over this countless time. home is a service not a game.

phosphor1123602d ago

Release is tomorrow "evening" according to, well, every Sony rep

deeznuts3602d ago

I also have both. And I prefer my ps3 over the 360. That said. Nope don't really care. Of course I don't care about Live either. I found out I didn't even have my 360 plugged in!

I'll check it out though.

acedoh3602d ago

As compared to other consoles which force you to accept their system. You can use HOME or not use it... Choice is what matters most. Everyone won't use it but I guarantee plenty of people will. SONY made the right move with HOME and in the long run it will really pay off...

DG3602d ago

Even if its as good as Sony reps claim it is I doubt it will hold up to the hype or sustain anybody's interest for more then 6 months. Its not a system seller Ill tell you that much.

HDgamer3601d ago

This is a beta, the full version will be out before this year ends. I'm waiting for the full version which is much better.

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snowy11853602d ago

I have both the Xbox360 and PS3. I am currently in the Home Beta. I will have to say that I am loving every second of it in Home. It has definitely increased my time spent on the PS3.

Monchichi0253602d ago

You get entertained fairly easily then my friend. The Beta has you in a room full of nothing, with nothing to do. MADD BORING!!!

I'ma wait till the final build before I make my decision.

Lord Vader3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

What ??? WTF are you DOING in HOME exactly ???? There is very little to do in HOME Beta from what I've heard dude, it's a service not a game as mentioned before. NXE & Home both are nice, but neither excite & are not a GAME.

Biggest thing I like about NXE is partys & 8-way private chat. You can seemlessly go from game to game without any problems. Hell, we played Gears 1 last night & 2 dude's had to update & NXE put them back in our party after their updates automatically. That is good stuff.

Let's see how seemless & efficient HOME is with chat, partys, & going from game to game with friends. If it doesnt offer that, then it's trash compared to NXE & XBL offering efficient ways to play games with your friends. *IF* all HOME is is SONY SIMS... then lol, I'll PASS.

I havent tried the Beta myself, but crap like NXE avatars, HOME, LBP, Crash Bandicoot, & Ratchet & Crank don't do sh!t for me. That stuff's for little 10 year old girls IMHO.

acedoh3602d ago

and I have yet to spend more than an hour in it. The games get a little dull and running around gets boring. It's not as much what the BETA hasn't offered but what the full version will... Can you imagine in the future SONY/BMG artists making appearances to promote their new songs. Or how about Columbia pictures having actors promoting their movies. The same goes for video games. Designers can even take questions about their games and let people give input. That is what I really look forward to. HOME will become the ultimate entertainment forum for the future.

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BananaSlug3602d ago

how can 360 users care if they sold their souls to MS?

i kid!