Crash Commando Coming Soon to PSN

Playstation Blog writes:
Hi all! This is Olof Gustafsson and Magnus Isaksson from EPOS Game Studios writing our first entry on the Blog, and we are going to introduce you all to Crash Commando for PS3, available soon on PlayStation Network! It is a side-scrolling shooter that we think can and will satisfy any urge of frag-fests during Xmas and the cold months thereafter - killing friends and strangers in comic violence on PSN.

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Gambit073603d ago

Looks cool, like a 2-D Warhawk.

SAiOSiN3603d ago

looks like contra meets bionic commando imo. but i want TRINE waaaay more.

Bazookajoe_833603d ago

Ill buy it and whop my brothers ass at christmas :-)

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