Kojima's Intentions

When you're responsible for a masterpiece series like Metal Gear, shifting to a more prolific market is only a matter of time. Hideo Kojima, the "father" of the newest installment in the Metal Gear series wants to make a change, now that the console wars have begun.

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specialguest4900d ago

I thought MGS4 was the last one. I'm pretty sure the next Kojima project will certainly go multiplatform. There's lots of money to be made here.

joemutt4900d ago

I'll buy it on whatever platform its on, just do it!

calderra4900d ago

MGS: Solid Black Snake Twin Cobra Portable Tank Brigade Ultra Mecha Zulu Expansive Dreams Wild Crazy Magic Dream Edition: VR Missions: III: Zone of Beginners....

Coming to 4 different platforms near you!

PS360WII4900d ago

Well he's been quoted saying he doesn't really care for HD at all. Along with the fact that he's stoked about the Wii and just wants to finish up with MGS 4. I think he'll be working on something for Nintendo as soon as possible.

Skynetone4900d ago

at 10 mil+ for making games these days they need a bigger audience then ps3 alone


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