Viacom: Talent Prefers Rock Band

Edge writes: "The Rock Band franchise has an easier time attracting music talent than its competitors, claimed Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman during the UBS 36th Annual Global Media and Communications Conference on Tuesday.

"There's a strong music orientation to our company; many of our networks are ideal vehicles to promote the game, and you'll see more and more of that as we move forward," said Dauman.

'We also have the opportunity to attract talent to [Rock Band] in a way that our competitors have greater difficulty doing.'"

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SAiOSiN3603d ago

I only liked the first 2 GHs. the 3rd was full of cliches and gimicks. rock band is for the true music fan and it's more accessible.

kornbeaner3603d ago

Are Travis Barker, Ted Nugent, Slash, Chad Smith, Tom Morello, not musical talent? and last time I checked they only appeared and performed original pieces for the Guitar Hero franchise.

And also if you want a more immersive drumming experience out the box Guitar hero is the only way to go. Unless you want to get shafted for $40 on a broken additional cymbal or $300 for Ion drum.

The only thing worth it on the Ion set is that the drums can also be used stand alone.

NaiNaiNai3603d ago

GHWT was crap. i was a big fan of GH, and i have everygame, and i hated rock band with a passion, but rock band 2 changed my mind, it made the guitar so much more playable. i actually bought a drum set and love it on RB, not to mention GH was known for its insansly hard finishing songs, but GHWT didnt have those, i ended up beating the game in the first 2 days, and really haven't touched it since, its good, but RB2 is just way better.