Motive Studio's Dead Space Dev Showcase Is How Game Announcements Should Be Featured

The Dead Space dev showcase by Motive Studio was a refreshing take on revealing gameplay without over-promising, and should be the new norm.

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Silly gameAr49d ago

So, they should do what a lot of devs already do without the dirty tactics? Did you think this over before you posted it?

fr0sty48d ago

A lot of devs don't show you early gameplay that is obviously early, talk about what things they plan on changing, make little demo levels for us to see how the mechanics work... this was a humble, hype-free presentation and was a breath of fresh air.

zsquaresoff49d ago

There was a lot of talk and very little to see. Do you want to showcase a game? Do it as Sony does, all showing, no talking, i.e God of War, Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima, etc..

And they're showcasing a game that is already made, only showing improvements is nothing to brag about.

fr0sty48d ago

The game is in pre-production, they haven't even started making the actual game yet. The assets you saw were placeholders. There isn't much to show yet, so they focused on revealing how they plan on overhauling the mechanics and what visual improvements are in place, as well as planned.

Fishy Fingers48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

To be fair, its easier to show work in progress when its a remake, people already know what they're getting so less critical/cynical and devs arent showing something that may not make the cut or totally foreign.

But I agree, it was a cool demo and i personally enjoy seeing the process.