Cyberpunk 2077 Next-Gen Versions Not Guaranteed for Release This Year Per CDPR

Although they have set a late 2021 target, CDPR has stated that Cyberpunk 2077 Next-Gen Versions are not guaranteed to release this year.

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NealGamby55d ago

Good. I’d rather it come later if it means that issues are fixed and graphics are way better.

gamer780455d ago

Just sad I paid full price for this game and haven’t touched it…. NOw it’s like 20$. Lesson learned…

adamwparker55d ago

Me too(kind of). I wasn't going to buy this game until it was released on the newer gen.
Somebody gifted it to me for Christmas, so now I have it, but haven't even broken the plastic wrap.

I just hope it still gives me the free upgrade once it finally comes out like the box cover says it will.

Popsicle55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

That really sucks gamer7804. Best Buy was selling it for $5 about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Hopefully they hook you up in someway when next gen is released. Are they doing free upgrades or are they going to try and recoup losses?

quattromaniac55d ago

I know it’s my fault for buying the hype but no way I’m buying anything CDPR again, such an overrated developer.

bondsmx55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Same. Had it preordered for months.

I’ve literally played the first 30 min, and then I said I’ll wait for the next gen upgrade.. still waiting. Almost a year later

NeoGamer23255d ago

Yup this game and CoD Cold War was the last straw for day one purchases for me.

justadelusion55d ago

shouldve tried for a refund, i did and got one. only game ive ever refunded in my life.

SyntheticForm55d ago

You're feeling bamboozled and maybe a little hoodwinked?

I'd have felt the same had Sony not been able to refund me in full.

FortWaba55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I got it for $10 at Best Buy like 2 weeks ago, and they even threw in a steelbook cover for free on top.

Haven't opened it yet, as I'm waiting for the PS5 edition to release... Hopefully it's worth the wait, my time... And my $10.

EvertonFC55d ago

No console footage before launch was enough of a red flag for me, but tbh I'd already decided to wait for ps5 version by then anyway.
Even if it released great I was gonna wait still tbh.

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Snakeeater2555d ago

You need to learn that delays is not a garantie that bugs will be fix and better graphics.
It’s often the opposite.

Damn, when will people learn

cellmember55d ago

It doesn't mean that issues are fixed and graphics are way better just because its coming out later. They have a lot to prove.

dumahim54d ago

I was going to wait for the next-gen version as well, but I had last week off and nothing to play, so I started it.

It isn't all that bad right now. A week and a half later and probably 50-some hours in to it, I didn't really hit a significant bug until yesterday that I had trouble with. I tried googling it, but it seems there was a way worse bug related to the mission on previous versions, so all the results I found were related to that. Seems I just needed to try different dialogue options to fix my bug.

Not to say it's perfect, it isn't. There's still the NPC pop-ins, poor LOD distance, and it does crash every few hours, but it's all pretty minor stuff and very playable. It's mostly odd or stuttering NPC movements, junk that you can't pick up, maybe a parked car floating a foot off the ground here and there.

Design-wise, I think it could really use some work explaining things a bit better. Maybe they did explain some of the stuff early on and I forgot it because they were trying to show too much all at once and wasn't relevant until much later.

I'm enjoying it and having fun. Playing it any chance I get. Where it's at now, I think it's at a stage that it should have been when it was released, or pretty close.

All I want out of the next-gen update is faster loading and pushing the LOD and NPC pop-in out farther.

Rachel_Alucard54d ago

"I’d rather it come later if it means that issues are fixed and graphics are way better. "

This exact statement was made the first time 2077 was delayed, then again, and again, and look how that came out regardless. It means nothing these days

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SullysCigar55d ago

It's pretty poor form - especially since they have 150 people making DLC for the game right now.

Nitrowolf255d ago

Yeah, like I understand they want it to be fixed, but dam just insane

frostypants54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Depends how many are working on the next-gen version already. You can't always just throw more bodies at a project and assume it will be done faster. At some point it just makes it impossible to manage and can even slow things down.

CobraKai55d ago

I thought, after the last update, it was full steam ahead on current gen. I’d rather have a current gen version first, then the DLC.

Concertoine54d ago

Yup. I am not buying the game until it’s at its full potential on next gen.

wwinterj54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

What's BS is the game isn't fixed yet and some folk want current gen versions and even DLC right now that will probably break the game more. At this point the current game being fixed is a priority as it should be.

spwittbold55d ago

zpretty sure noone cares a tthis point

excaliburps55d ago

I haven't played it yet, so I care since I want I am waiting for the next-gen version so I can play it without that much bugs and performance issues.

yeahokwhatever55d ago

it(ps4 version) plays butter smooth on PS5. Ive played through it like 3 times on PS5, and once on PC. Great game.

philm8755d ago

@yeahokwhatever . Yeah I played through the main story on PS5 and loved it, will play through all the side missions and other two main storylines once the next gen upgrade is out, looking forward to it.
Shame people miss out because of the negativity and downright lies about cut content. Yes it did not launch in a good state, but the main bugs were fixed pretty soon. Even PS4 performance is okay considering how old the console is and compared to other games on the system.

dumahim54d ago

I started playing it on PS5 about 10 days ago. It isn't all that bad right now. It's a lot of little things that don't matter, except for it crashing now and then. It seems to do a lot of auto-saves but I do a lot of manual saves as well just to save myself time if I did spotted or fail a breach or something. The save process is SUPER fast and can probably be done from the time you hit the menu button to back in the game in like 2-3 seconds.

frostypants54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I care. As far as I'm concerned the real game hasn't been released yet. I'm not giving that last gen debacle the time of day. It should've been scrapped

seanpitt2355d ago

Haha what a joke CDPR has become… gone from hero to zero in a flash, by the time these current gen versions come out nobody will want to play the game anyway it’s old news.. the game wasn’t bad just because of the bugs it’s all the mechanics it’s all mediocre..

wwinterj54d ago

Yeah. I forget folk stop wanting to play a game after a year or so. Should just burn all the old games. The game actually wasn't that bad outside of the game being broken by bugs and under-delivering on what was promised. I enjoyed the story and choices. The world itself looks beautiful too.

Tedakin55d ago

I know several people including myself who are waiting for the next gen upgrade to play....

thorstein55d ago

The game is empty. Just completely empty. Other than story, there is nothing to do. Forget the bugs and glitches, which can be game breaking at times, it's an entire city of nada.

yeahokwhatever55d ago

"Nothing to do"? I mean, it doesnt have silly bowling minigames or anything, but its got racing, hacking, killing, sneaking, shooting, stabbing, crafting, weird braindance things, about a billion little stories.. i dont know, its pretty interesting. I love this game. :-)

dumahim54d ago

On top of what yeahokwhatever said, there's also so many side quests, of various types, crimes all over the city you can take care of, and more places to explore than any game I've ever played. It's one thing to hop over a small obstacle to see what might be hiding behind it, but there's often pretty large areas that damn near any other game would just block you from even accessing. Then there's the verticality of it all, leading to even more places to explore. Then you unlock double or boosted jump, now you can reach even more places to find stuff. I think I'm 50+ hours in and it looks like I'm maybe 20-30% through the game. Nothing to do, my ass.

Omegasyde55d ago

I’m in same boat- I got the game on sale but waiting for the next gen patch.

I heard to eliminate bugs and poor performance that random NPCs were drastically minimized.

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