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Ion Driver from Moon Whale Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment is a fast-paced racing game on PS4. Check out our Ion Driver review!

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Fun fact: the game was part of Playstation Talents, and I don't blame anyone if they didn't know about it, since how incredibly quiet the game was released.


Ion Driver (PS4) Review | digitalchumps

Digital Chumps: "I want to have faith that Ion Driver is a proof of concept for something bigger and better from Gammera Nest, but what currently exists is less of a test of racing skill and more of a test of patience for a futuristic racing enthusiast. The lack of content, inconsistent hit detection, and buggy racing experience will leave you disappointed. You will see everything Ion Driver has to offer within a few minutes of playing the game, so don’t expect an experience of progression, futuristic and high-speed racing, nor skill."

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Ion Driver - PS4 Review - PlayStation Country

Grizz: "Despite the clear love that gamers have for the genre, the future for sci-fi racers with anti-grav ships is looking bleak. This is considering that we haven’t seen a new Wipeout entry since 2012 in the form of Wipeout 2048 on the Vita (excluding the Omega Collection) and F-Zero not even registering on Nintendo’s ‘can be bothered’ radar. Truly, if you want a dose of ludicrous speed on the winding cityscapes of the implausible future world then you must turn to the Indies for some of that good stuff."

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The futuristic racing game “Ion Driver” is now digitally available for the PS5 and PS4

"The Spain-based indie games developer Moon Whale Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment España, today announced with great delight and excitement that their futuristic racing game "Ion Driver" is now digitally available for the PS5 and PS4 via PSN for €4,99 / $4.99." - Jonas Ek, TGG.