CD Projekt Has 150 Developers Working on Cyberpunk 2077 Expansion & 70 on Unannounced Games

Today CD Projekt announced its financial results for the first half of 2021 and provided more information during the conference call.

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RaidenBlack46d ago

* yawn *
wake us, gamers up, when CDPR news are bug free.

seanpitt2345d ago

I would forget cyberpunk ever existed if I was them and move on… call it a bad 8 years in the office and learn from it and make something else

Tacoboto45d ago

Since they bragged about it, they made their money back in one day from pre-orders alone so we know they can afford to let it go.

Maybe gamers (myself included since I purchased it on PC right away) should learn and realize in the future that CDPR only became famous because of all the free DLC they put out because Witcher 3 was also messed up at launch.

It was just their third mess up in a row at that point in the same franchise so they had better experience in assuaging negativity.

enkiduxiv40d ago

@Tacoboto The Witcher 3 had its issues at launch but it was a world apart from Cyberpunk

DarthMarvin45d ago

I see what you did there. It's like your syntax is filled with bugs as well. Clever!

metalhead45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I think they will fix it. If Square can do Realm Reborn, we can give this a chance.

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thorstein46d ago

And how many on fixing the game?

SDuck45d ago

About that... We don't talk about that

yeahokwhatever46d ago

still my favorite single player game in quite a while.

EvertonFC46d ago

You need to play more sp games then

yeahokwhatever45d ago

I play a fair bit. Its short, sweet, and fun. you can play it how you really want. buggy? yes. kinda broken balance? oh yeah, big time. still my favorite in a while and the mods on PC are making it more enjoyable than ever. Please feel free to recommend something, because im bored.

SDuck45d ago

PC single players to recommend? I'm the man for the job (or not)- Witcher 3, Genshin, DMC5, Saints Row 3 is currently free on Epic Games, Little Nightmares, Darksiders trilogy, rdr2 and AC Odyssey. These are the games similar to CP2077 I'd recommend but I'm guessing you've played most if not all of these

yeahokwhatever45d ago

yep! all good games. Im like 60 hours into odyssey and im realizing that none of my actions in regards to which force im supporting matters :-( So you just raid everything, which kind of diminishes what i thought the point of the game was. Now im not sure what the point is, and its hard to go back.. DMC5 is hilarious fun. Ive tried SR 1, 2 and 3, always expecting something will "click" for me, but no. Just feels like a GTA wannabe. Darksiders is a good idea, I havent played since the first one. :-) I'm not sure what little nightmares is, ill check that out, too. Thanks!

yeahokwhatever45d ago

wow what? its an exceptional game that runs like crap on outdated hardware. PS5 and PC play great. The mods on PC add tons of functionality, but even without them, the game is super fun to play through with its engaging story and wide options of how you want to play. I've had more fun with this game exploring with gameplay styles than i have pretty much any game that promises that. Part of what makes it so fun is that the character growth is "broken" balance-wise, and im OK with that. I have a pistol for one of my characters that does like 30k damage and sends the victims limbs flying in all directions when i hit them. I can shoot someone and the person NEXT TO THEM also explodes from the force. its wonderful.

sKiiTs845d ago

yo play nier: automata, disco elysium, glad u enjoyed cyber tho...

sKiiTs845d ago

i wouldnt bother withssasins creeed, first 10 hours were fun but its the same shit for 80 more hours. such a waste of time

yeahokwhatever44d ago

ive dumped 60 hours into AC:O and i feel like ive accomplished nothing, still unsure what the objective is.

TheDibbler45d ago

It isn't my favorite but I still really enjoyed it on PC. It wasn't on the level of Witcher 3 and they definitely deserve all the criticism they received but if you overlook the bugs and missing features it is still a good game. The amount of content is good and can extend over 100 hours. I've definitely played worse games.

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ElvisHuxley46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Can't wait. I know it's cool to hate on CDPR or whatever, but I loved the game. The fact that I played on PC probably influenced this to a certain degree, but the game is great, so ambitious and gorgeous, art direction is amazing. Plus the signature great storytelling from CDPR. The writing is just fantastic, characters that you actually care about. Gameplay was cool too, there are a ton of different ways you can approach the combat, it kinda lets you choose your "class". Sure, they're struggling with the last gen versions, and it sucks that they released them like that, but I'm not going to condemn the entire game because one of the versions has a bunch of issues. All of the hysteria about this game sounds a bit tribal tbh. They've been an amazing developer from the start, haven't they earned even a little good will from gamers? lol

TheDoomedGuy46d ago

It is. I'm actually happy it sure as hell gave a big fat slap to those pre order people

ElvisHuxley46d ago

Yeah, and it sucks for them, I'd be a little upset too, but that's not a fair assessment of the game. That's the bad version. On PC I didn't experience any of these issues. I saw the game for what it is, or is supposed to be, with little more than the occasional minor bug or glitch, surprisingly rare for an open world game this detailed. I don't think there is an open world game this detailed, nothing really comes close.

swifty145d ago

Sure ok, with that being said.. CDPR fucked over gamers by lying about how “surprising well” the game ran on last-gen consoles, weeks before release. The company sent out an incomplete buggy game ONLY to meet the holiday release window and cash in on the insane hype generated around this game. $$$/Preorders would of dropped WAY off had they delayed it again, and whoa can’t have that… They didn’t care at this point it was only about MONEY, and they’d just have to deal with the fallout. Fuck CDPR and everything about how they handled cyberbunk 2077.
Angry grumpy old ass gamer who just wanted to sink 100’s of hrs into cyberpunk LAST YEAR. Still sitting in shrinkwrap, fucking CDPR lol

ElvisHuxley45d ago

@swifty Yeah, I'm not defending the publishers. I didn't follow the leadup really, but from what I understand, they did some questionable business practices. The brilliant people creating the game didn't make that decision, and it kinda sucks that such amazing developers are paying the price for it, no one is acknowledging this.

TheDoomedGuy45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


Yeah well im talking about the game not the management team.
The devs created a really good game and thats a fact.

Its performance issues were mostly on the last gen consoles which was quite a bit expected. Most people dont follow every little peice of news so they wouldnt have heard a lot of the PR saying it ran well. So these people shouldve used some common sense and waited for reviews and a performance analysis.

Anyone who didnt expect bugs and issues clearly has no idea about the history of cdpr with their games. Its not that they were riddled with bugs but they all released with technical issues and some performance problems.

Regardless that conversation is a dead horse. Im well aware of all the crap and stupidity surrounding its release but at the end of the day the game itself is great. You just gotta move on and either state that you havent played the game because of its problems...or like the majority who have played it you state that whats there is great.

Dee_9145d ago

you seem angry people hate this factually piece of garbage they called a game.. why ?

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MeteorPanda45d ago

i watched friends play. we went into a massive sewer system and found nothing. we searched some off the grid areas... nothing

its a big empty world

-Foxtrot45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I love how when a company actually f**** up and I mean where the evidence basically presents its self out in the open, people spin it into "I know it's cool to hate..."

They messed up

They knew what they were doing

No one is "hating" on them for the sake of it

They did a shitty thing and they are paying the price

Trusting them in the future is now out the window

yeahokwhatever45d ago

I have the PS4 and PC versions. my first playthrough was the PS4 version on the PS5, and it was fantastic. Just finished my 4th play through (1st on PC) and it was amazing. Loving the mods, too.

LordoftheCritics45d ago

'' I know it's cool to hate on CDPR or whatever''

It's not cool to hate on CDPR, it's the correct response.

Dee_9145d ago

"I know it's cool to hate on CDPR or whatever"

its not cool at all to wait so many years to be let down in such a dramatic fashion.. me and your definitions of cool must be different..

sKiiTs845d ago

its really not cool to hate on them. if any studio is deserving of some hate its them, you cant deny this. the game has 2d cars in the background LOL

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