Firing Squad: Fallout 3 Review

Firing Squad writes: "In the fall of 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis held the world in a grip of fear as the two great nuclear powers of the day, America and The Soviet Union, came as close as anyone ever has to unleashing their atomic arsenal upon the world. This foreboding fear of nuclear annihilation during the Cold War hung over society worldwide and influenced everything from movies to books, to television and video games. Mad Max, The Watchmen, Red Dawn (WOLVERINES!), and the Fallout Series are all prime examples of great works of art that were directly influenced by the Cold War. Fallout 3 is the latest game in this seminal series that started in 1997 and has won numerous awards over 6 different games. But after a change of developers and 10 years, can Fallout 3 live up to the success of its predecessors or is it just another rehash nostalgic cash-in?"

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