Marvel's Avengers Is No Longer Protected By Denuvo

After almost a year since release, Denuvo protection has finally been removed from Marvel's Avengers with the new update, and the game feels better.

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Darkborn51d ago

But did denuvo actually protect it?

Magic_Spatula51d ago

Nope. Got it day 1 and saw a couple of cheaters like people one shotting everything.

LordoftheCritics51d ago

It’s anti piracy not anti cheat.

DarkZane51d ago

Don't you need to go online to even play the game. What was the point of denuvo if pirates couldn't play it anyway?

Magic_Spatula51d ago

Protect initial sales? I dunno. That's usually one of the main reasons why companies use Denuvo.

DarthMarvin51d ago

I feel like a more accurate title would have been: "Marvel's Avengers Is No Longer Plagued By The Cancerous Denuvo."