Horizon Zero Dawn's PS5 upgrade delivers a nigh-on flawless 60fps

A great way to play the original game ahead of Forbidden West.

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darthv7246d ago

I just started this. I am sorry I slept on this one but it is a pretty amazing game.

solideagle46d ago

I am not sure how much you have played but it's gameplay is very addicting for some reason :D

Bathyj45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

For an open world game the combat was my favourite until Ghost of Tsushima came out.

Popsicle45d ago

Agreed Bathyj. I really enjoyed the combat system because it forced the player to approach each enemy or group of enemies in a variety of ways. You couldn’t just run in without learning enemy weak points, tendencies, and you had to put thought into weapon choices based on weaknesses. It was reasonably deep for a large open world game.

Not to mention that the story was intriguing as well. I may need to do a NW+ now that there is a free upgrade and I never got the chance to use the regen armor.

ElvisHuxley46d ago

Beautiful visuals and fun gameplay. The combat was the highlight of the game for me, figuring out fun and creative ways to take down giant robot dinosaurs just never got old for me. Really tempted to go back and play again at 60fps.

Eonjay46d ago

One of my favorite games from last gen. And I agree, the combat was definitely the brightest highlight.

46d ago
Snakeeater2546d ago

They should focus on horizon forbidden West instead of dealing it to 2022

Battlestar2346d ago

There is a pandemic going on in the world i would rather they delay the game to 2022 or even further if it means they put employees health and safety first.

Snakeeater2546d ago (Edited 46d ago )

When ur working on a computer form home, there is no way the COVID excuse is valid.

Plus when ur working form home, health and safety is not a issues.

Plus there is a vaccine available.

COVID is not a excuse anymore.

Most of the gaming industry are working form home

EvertonFC46d ago

Agreed plus at the end of the day it was gonna be a holiday release or September so it's only 3/5months delayed which isn't that big of a delay anyway.
Gave me plenty of time to lay other games over the summer like ratchet, returnal, hades etc plus we have Kena, bf 2042, cod, fifa, lost in random etc to play in the mean time.
Gamers make out they have nothing to play when a delay happens it makes me laugh in all honesty.

45d ago
Eonjay46d ago

Why can't they be doing both?

Snakeeater2546d ago

Because it’s the same team working on forbidden west and they delayed the game soo

LucasRuinedChildhood46d ago

Do you really think a 60fps patch is the reason that Forbidden West got delayed? Jesus

ecchiless46d ago

man thats how the ppl work now, they are so fking idiots....

Snakeeater2546d ago

Well even if one person is working on that patch for 2 days, it’s still 2 days of work not done on forbidden west.
2+2 = 4 my friend

Snakeeater2545d ago

If it would had Been a Xbox or switch game all of you would agreed. If forbidden west is delayed in Q4 of 2022 and god of war in Q3 of 2023, u guy would all get ur dick hard like it logic to marketing those game as semi lunch titles

Atticus_finch46d ago

It would not surprise me if Forbidden west could release this year but due to a crowded holiday it's better that it's pushed back. The game will be better for it.

Silly gameAr46d ago

They should rush it out because you want it now, huh? Oh well. Guess you have to wait for the game to be finished like the rest of us.

BlaqMagiq145d ago

Yes this one patch is what pushed Forbidden West all the way into 2022. Clearly it couldn't be maybe they thought it wasn't ready and needed more time because it's better to rush it than put out a working product amirite?

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MetroidFREAK2146d ago

See with this 60 FPS update, I need to actually start playing this game

MoonConquistador46d ago

There's lots of reasons you need to play this game

MetroidFREAK2145d ago

Well of course. That reason was just the tip of the iceberg lol

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