Left 4 Dead Guide: Harvesting Some Blood

So you've bought Left 4 Dead, installed it, booted it up, and began a game with three of your best friends. But you are getting your ass kicked by the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies on the easiest difficulty setting. Not to fear! With our guide to the art (and zen) of zombie killing, you and your friends will be throwing people off roofs and busting through destroyed doors in no time! Just try not to scare a murder of crows on your way through this guide. You wouldn't want to get ripped apart in a field full of crops, now would you?

Fresh off of Dead Air, it's time to learn a thing or two about hard campaigns. And Blood Harvest is one of those campaigns. Tons of enemies, lots of areas for enemies to come from or hide in, and a general overall hatred that the AI Director has for the survivors makes this the hardest campaign of all four by a long shot. So buckle down and get ready to die a lot!

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dragonslayer913603d ago

Have you ever heard of a hacked PS3 game? You own L4D? That is some funny stuff! It's like WindowsXP on a 360. Pirated games, hacked games, scratched games,etc.HAAAAH...could it get any worse? Stupid, childish looking Avatars, RROD and now this? YOU guys are taking it up the bootyhole and Major Nelson is sticking it to you royally. You guys keep paying for XBL and everything and still have to put up with Holiday server outages and whatnot and now this type of crap? Merry Xmas dumbasses. Merry Xmas!!! Good luck with that BADLUCKBOX360!!! :)

dragonslayer913603d ago

Great game!! Hope it never comes to the PS3! We like longer games that are actually fun to play and we like games that were designed so we can play alone if we want to. We also like games that aren't HACKED!!! HAAAH!!! You played L4D lately? But of course, games on the PS3 can't be pirated, hacked or scratched...but...I lost my train of thought. sorry. :}