No Man's Sky: Frontiers New Major Update Details Revealed

No Man's Sky: Frontiers is the next major update from Hello Games and goes beyond "space, the final frontier" to what seems like a more lived-in universe.

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garos8245d ago

Hell yeah! dont stop Hello Games you rock

LordoftheCritics45d ago

I love this game. I keep coming back to it regularly.

medman45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

I played it for about 15 hours at launch, then moved on to other games. I keep telling myself I would return to it one day, but my backlog is such that I still haven't gotten around to visiting No Man's Sky again. One day perhaps, one day.....

SullysCigar45d ago

^ Check it out on PS5 in VR if you get the chance. It's genuinely a gamer changer - it runs and looks stunning.

thorstein45d ago

The patch notes and the update is unreal. Settlements?! And they are interactive!

masterfox45d ago

and is on a sale right now in PSN. :D

sagapo45d ago

Got this game from launch, was very dissapointed but kept it. And happy that I did. The game has evolved so much since then, a real joy to play now. Wish I had a PS5 for the improved visuals tho.

boing145d ago

Bough it on launch. I got my money's worth tenfold in return. They completely redeemed themselves in my eyes, and then some.

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