Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass: Final Fantasy XIII, The Artful Escape, and More

From Xbox Wire: "Welcome back to your monthly Xbox Game Pass update! We have several great games to add to your ever-growing play list, like Final Fantasy XIII, The Artful Escape, and more. Apologies to those who like to keep detailed lists on what to play next; it’s going to need some updating after reading this post. So, let’s get to it!"

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sourOG521d ago

Artful escape looks great. I might have to be responsible with the mushrooms for that one.

Father__Merrin521d ago

Ff13 via back compat is excellent on series x it's brilliant t

babadivad521d ago

Is it the entire 13 trilogy?

VersusDMC521d ago

Just looks like the first one. They would put it seperatly if it was. Sucks that it's not on Cloud.

Father__Merrin521d ago

No just 13. But if you play 13 on a series x it's so good it could pass off as a remaster if you compare it to ps360 version

Teflon02521d ago

Glad to see love for XIII

whitbyfox521d ago

Ah well can’t win every time.

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lonewolf10521d ago

Breathedge looks interesting.

autobotdan521d ago

Final Fantasy 13 is Enhanced for Xbox One X in near 4k resolution

babadivad521d ago

Beat this game twice already. 13 - and 3 would be more interesting for me. Maybe they will come in the second and third waves.

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