Left 4 Dead : Xbox 360 Mods + Tutorial

Click the Jump below to view a Video on all known Left 4 Dead : Xbox 360 Mods

That include

Giant people
small city
super jumps
give weapons
Unlimtied Pipebomb and Molotovs
spawn AI
And many more

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thebudgetgamer3602d ago

correct me if i am wrong


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NegativeCreepWA3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

He cant play online with it modded.

1.1 I think your lost, your buddies are over there. --->

dragonslayer913602d ago

@ thebudgetgamer

Sorry. actually i am not pissed off at all. That wasn't really directed at you, sir. I was just laughing when I heard about the mods ruining a multiplayer game that basically has no worthy single player campaign. It's just another nail in the badluckbox360 coffin. ooops...did i say coffin? :}