Ace Gamez: The Last Remnant review

Square-Enix is a name that's synonymous with Japanese console RPGs, games whose lead protagonists have gravity defying hair, effete features and obscenely large weapons. The West a place where JRPGs are often seen as oddities, games never met with the fervour they encounter in their homeland. And yes, Final Fantasy VII did sell an awful lot of copies over here, but a huge number of those copies were traded back in, unfinished and misunderstood. The Last Remnant is Square's latest offering and whilst the main character may lack the usual volume in his hair, all of the other aspects of the company's formula are firmly in place. The game has been trumpeted as a Square-Enix RPG for the whole world rather than just Japan - but is it any good and, perhaps more importantly, will anyone over here understand it or care about it? Equip your +5 Paying Attention glasses and we'll find out.

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