The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf Q&A - Console DLC Confirmed!

Not two weeks ago, Polish developer CD Projekt sent its dedicated fanbase on a glorious hunt for information about their new console project The Witcher: Rise of the White Wolf. But the chase had barely gotten underway when a sly fox by the name of Jakub Stylinski ruined the whole thing with a lengthy video interview.

Some might be satisfied with what came to pass -- but not GameCyte. Our blood boiling with rage, we vowed to capture the fox himself. After spending days lurking in the shadow of a large tree, our blade at the ready, we lept out with a cry and pinned our new informant to the ground...

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Al3xand3r3602d ago

Great stuff, hopefully console users give this the love it deserves, though I dunno how well they can do with a new action based battle system.

GameCyteSean3602d ago

After our interview, Tom told me that piracy is "not a major issue" for CD Projekt.