Why I’m Glad I Gave Days Gone a Second Chance

Days Gone is hated and loved by many gamers. Find out why we changed our mind about this polarizing title in Playstation's first-party collection.

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SmielmaN56d ago

Not sure why this game is “hated”. My boys and I have played through this multiple times and enjoyed it all. Hoping they do that sequel one day…

EvertonFC55d ago

Same over 300hrs on 3 playthroughs, my favourite game of last gen.
I don't understand why people hated it.

SmielmaN51d ago

Makes no sense to me. One of the best.

CrimsonWing6955d ago

I loved this game. I don’t really understand why it got such a bad rap.

SmielmaN51d ago

Same. We had a lot of fun with it, especially when we replayed with our better weapons against the hordes. Lots of fun.

andy8556d ago

Such a fantastic game and I played it day one with the few glitches. Seen so many quit because it starts off slow. Stick with it until it opens up. It must be stunning in 4K/60 now. Great game.

EvertonFC55d ago

Yep starts getting going about 10hours in, it was the same with the original watchdogs took time to get good with the story.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago

Pretty much.
I enjoyed it, but there's a lot of monotony in it.

jznrpg55d ago

You can say that about any video game . It’s called - gameplay loop , every game has it .

TheDoomedGuy55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Well it is an open world. So you do have the typical camp clears....aside from that not sure what exactly get monotonous. Please feel free to share.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago


Some are entertaining. Some aren't. Depends on the player.


Smallest gas tank on the planet. Forced stealth scenes. Regurgitated mission structure.

TheDoomedGuy51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Smallest gas tank? Did you not do the upgrades? And what about the hundreds of gas refills you easily find around? Not an issue and if anything running out would break the monotony.

Forced stealth scenes? Yeah well it's a stealth section. A realistic one where you would die if caught or specifically story related in a way that makes sense. Deacon is not a cold killer after all. He only kills other people when he needs to.

Regurgitated mission structure? So I guess your issue is the open world aspects...I agree i would have much rather gotten a linear game.

I'd argue it's still a more entertaining open world than most in the market though. At least this one had a better setting and better story. Other open worlds regurgitate every aspect of the gameplay and the story sucks.

And this is a survival open world. Hence the need to scavenge for resources and fuel.

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Tapani55d ago

A fantastic game! Highly recommended. Mature, interesting, has its own personality and gameplay is fun and evolves.

TheDoomedGuy55d ago

Nothing like stumbling into a horde inside a cave.

Tapani55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Oh yeah! I will never forget the first time I stumbled into a horde in a cave... Slowly music building up, me wondering in a random cave thinking why is this sounding so ominous... and suddenly I turn right towards another pathway using my tiny flashlight, and boom... it was FULL of freaks and their eyes glowed, and they once they charged at me I was overwhelmed in a matter of seconds. It was like a nest of ants or aliens, two meters away from me, slumbering, and poor me woke them all up deep in a pitch black dark cavern in the middle of nowhere.

When I saw them, I stood up on my frikkin sofa and felt pressure in my chest as I got so frikkin scared! And the lovely laugh and panic after that failed attempt of running away from them... and the sense of wonder and how I started to talk about that experience to everyone around me. I genuinely didn't have courage to go into those caves in a while!

Although, I was most impressed by the storytelling and really well written characters, that was one hell of a gameplay experience! It was just so random, but seemed like a moment from a psychological thriller/horror and that feeling never left me. It was a better experience than most AAA action games' scripted sequences.

lellkay55d ago

Bought this when it was cheap expecting an "ok" experiance. Was really surprised how good it was. Would have happily paid full price knowing how much I enjoyed it.

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