Dead Space Remake Gameplay First Look, Gunner Wright Returns as Isaac Clarke

Dead Space Remake Gameplay First Look has been debuted by Motive Studios, showcasing the return of Gunner Wright as Isaac Clarke.

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alb189950d ago

Very nice. Looking forward to it.

Rimeskeem50d ago

The textures and lighting are definitely better. Also more geometric shapes in play including a much more popping health bar on the back. More smoke as well and smoother-looking animation.

excaliburps49d ago

Yep. And this is very, very, very early footage even. I’m hoping they remake DS2 and just craft a new DS3. :}

CorndogBurglar49d ago

Being very early footage is doesn't always mean anything. How many times have we seen early footage of a game only for it to be toned down before launch? But I don't think this will be the case with this game. The original Dead Space was so ahead of its time when it launched and looked like a next gen game years before the next gen consoles came out. I expect this one to look incredible.

fr0sty49d ago

It didn't look like any of the shadows were baked in either, or not many if there were. The lighting was very dynamic.

Urrakia3449d ago

Everything looks like it's being very well executed for this one. Although I will say I prefer the original armor to their redesign, but that's just me being nitpicky. Can't wait to play it!

BlaqMagiq149d ago

You can tell these guys completely understand what they're working with and respecting the original work while making sensible changes and improvements. Hats off to them and looking forward to this remake.

gantarat49d ago

This is Dead Space 1 with Dead Space 2 Gameplay.

- Issac talk.
- Zero G.
- improve telekinesis.

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