Hands-on with the new PlayStation 5 CFI-1100 series console

Richard Leadbetter:

The new CFI-1100 series revision of PlayStation 5 is now making its way to market, bringing with it a wave of controversy. It began with the intriguing news that beyond revised WiFi and a new screw for the stand, the CFI-1100 model weighs 300g less than the original - an interesting puzzle that could only be solved by going hands-on. The first journalist to do that was Austin Evans, whose teardown and analysis answers a lot of questions, but raises others. Last night, I procured a unit myself, so I can add some initial insights based on my first few hours with the machine.

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Jin_Sakai1019d ago

“According to Digital Foundry after an hours long hands-on that does not seem to be the case.“

Great to hear. So much for Austin Evans claims.

Eonjay1019d ago

But the point was never to be accurate or truthful. Never. It was to take a shot at Sony and get the clicks that come along with breaking a big story against the number one competitor. Every three days or so there is another attempt. Its just incredibly obvious at this point. And therefore boring.

Silly gameAr1019d ago

The people that call it out are considered trouble makers, and brand loyalists.

The fact that most of the media took something some youtuber said as fact, and ran with it, should tell you the state the industry is in.

darthv721019d ago (Edited 1019d ago )

Despite how people feel about Austin, what he showed was still correct. the heatsink was reduced in size and surface area and the output temperature was slightly warmer. Like i said before, that doesnt make it better or worse, just different as revisions usually are.

The changes made result in normal operating range for the system. That should be the takeaway. The fact the guy who did this reveal is a shill or not is incidental. Point is someone was going to find out why there is a difference and he was it. I dont really care about his personal views, only that we were able to compare side by side the physical differences between the two. That is something that cannot be contested because it is right there in the open.

How he phrases his words... that's on him. And take it or leave it, this is a change that can benefit Sony (reduced costs) and still stay with in the norm.

1019d ago
SullysCigar1019d ago

This. Austin Evans just cemented his (terrible) reputation.

Eonjay1019d ago

Most telling of all is that Richards conclusion seems to be that the heatsink in the PS5 never needed to be that large. So remember back before the consoles launched and the rumor going around was that the price of the PS5 would be driven higher due to the cooling system?

Richard wonders why this revision wasn't included in the original system and explains how these separate components are iterated on

Rhythmattic1018d ago

You'll never run the empire.

Sarcasm1018d ago


That's the problem, he didn't just put out a video and say "Here's the differences, it is what it is"

No, the video title is "The new PS5 is Worse"

The word "Worse" already implies the original PS5 was bad.

Obviously designed as clickbait.

NeoGamer2321018d ago

Ya, "news" is becoming very, very sketchy all over. Seems like the influencers in the news are becoming more and more about fear, uncertainty, and doubt, and less about facts.

ElvisHuxley1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

@Silly gamear This is exactly how the "news" media behaves. They'll make any claim, no matter how ridiculous, on the flimsiest grounds. All you need is an "anonymous source" and you can claim anything, random internet person is kind of the equivalent in gaming media. It's not a huge issue in gaming media, apart from being annoying and frustrating, but when they openly lie about serious matters going on in the world, it just causes confusion and division. Everything is driven by traffic and revenue, integrity and honesty are dead, unfortunately.

The Wood1018d ago

There's always one guy fighting the fight.....smdh

Outside_ofthe_Box1018d ago

Once again people acting like they are better engineers than Cerny.

On to the next made up controversy.

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gravedigger1019d ago

Austin Evans, the Xbox shill idiot.

BrettAwesome1019d ago

Yup. Punchable dork. Like that annoying kid down the road who'd yell shit and then run home and hide behind mommy before you could get him.

Zulu1019d ago


I wish I was as tough as you. Calling someone a punchable dork because they made a video about a heat sink in a games console shows how mature and downright awesome you are. Well done sir.

BrettAwesome1018d ago (Edited 1018d ago )

Did you just call me "sir"? 😂
"Sir, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to respectfully ask you to apologise to the gentleman you just offended" 😂 you're killin' me, man!

gravedigger1019d ago


"The heat sink has fewer heat pipes (four vs six) and is built with an overall reduction in the copper content - aluminium only has 60 percent of the thermal conductivity of copper. There is another interesting change to the design: the fan has been replaced by another that has more blades, potentially capable of pushing more air out at the same speeds."

There are 6 heatpipes in the new PS5. LOL How DF missed that, but they have new PS5 in front of them :



neutralgamer19921019d ago

MS pay people like them to stir up negative stuff about playstation. MS admitted that much back with Xbox one and even used KZ shadow fall screen shot to promote Xbox one. This is nothing new

They simply lost the market share to playstation and no matter how desperate they become that won't change. They invested billions and have yet to get their money's worth yet Sony spent $256 million on insomniac and got all their money's worth and than some.

darthv721019d ago

this has nothing to do with them though. Stop trying to make everything seem like XB vs PS.

Zulu1019d ago

What has that got to do with a video about a PS5 heat sink? I swear everyday this site gets worse

Stanjara1019d ago

That dweeb always makes a clickbait video full of bs.

DarXyde1018d ago

I think, in general, it's a good idea to really take the time to stress test, which I think neither did.

Even if it was a bit hotter, it doesn't matter if it's within normal operation range. Either way, Austin Evans' evaluation was shoddy. DF's is perhaps not comprehensive enough.

Ninver1018d ago

That man child is a troll. Never believe a word he utters.

hangdang1018d ago

If there is an acceptable temperature RANGE, then it can still run hotter than the OG model and not be an issue. What he said is factually correct, it just runs hotter. It isn't inherently bad

TheDibbler1018d ago

The piece from DF doesn’t say there is no difference in temps from new and old version. Just that it still seems within spec and there would be no difference to the user as they perform equally. The new version still produces more heat and probably runs a bit hotter. Austin’s findings weren’t debunked…..just that it shouldn’t be considered worse than the original.

ElvisHuxley1018d ago

Imagine my shock, lol. People will do anything to gin up controversy, good idea to be skeptical of just about anything on the internet.

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Ron_Danger1019d ago

So can we put this to bed yet? Unfortunately for one camp, this is not the news they hoped for. Your hopeful RRoD equivalent problem is in another castle.