Far Cry 6 - Xbox Series X Gameplay | Ubisoft [NA]

"Far Cry 6 Narrative Director Navid Khavari joins Ubisoft News to check out some explosive guerrilla action on Xbox Series X. See Chorizo the wiener dog, Guapo the crocodile, and Chicharrón the rooster use their unique talents to help the revolution in adorable and violent ways. This gameplay showcase takes place in the El Este Region and features combat with the improvised Resolver weapons and powerful Supremo backpacks, with a look at weapon customization and plenty of brutal machete takedowns."

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Espangerish55d ago

Somewhat disappointed with those graphics.

slowgamer55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Yeah. Far cry 5 looked imo quite good but this is 6 and seems that it hasn't improved much or at all. Like texture resolution is bad and looking at the movement, animatios and mechanics, I hoped it would look less familiar.

z2g55d ago

Was thinking the exact same thing.

loxim54d ago

Let's be real here for a minute, it's Ubisoft. They literally recycle 95% of animations and world assets for all of their games in the series. Far Cry and Assassin's Creed the biggest culprits. Look at Odyssey, Valhalla and Origins, the main characters all have the same exact animations. They never improve upon things and it's really sad because I enjoy these games a lot but they never improve them.

DFresh55d ago

To be fair we are watching a YouTube compressed video.

badz14955d ago

still using that excuse?

spicelicka54d ago

It's not hard to judge graphics from a compressed video, extra pixels isn't going to make it look that significantly different that a standard gamer's eyes can't pick up. The explosions and animations from example are last get looking, seeing it in 4k won't change that.

Fonsecap55d ago

I was hoping for a great leap on graphics, but then I noticed that it will be a cross gen title. There will only be great graphics when new games stop being cross gen. But this only will happen when the supply of current gen consoles meet demand.

z2g55d ago

Looks fun but pretty underwhelmed with the graphics.

DarkZane55d ago

I love those games ... except for the endings. Everytime, you have a choice between 2 or more very bad endings and it makes it feel like the journey was pointless.

slowgamer55d ago

Far cry 5 was really good journey but the ending was just WTF and there wasn't really a choice.

anast55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Look like they reskinned 5.

autobotdan55d ago

This looks pretty bad. I am hoping this is a poorly made low budget youtube video

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The story is too old to be commented.