Anti-cheat should be standard in multiplayer games, not something publishers brag about

Developers of AAA FPS titles like Destiny 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone should know that anti-cheat is necessary to keep hackers at bay. It's time developers start focusing more on combatting hackers.

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SpineSaw54d ago

"Anti-cheat should be standard"
I don't think anyone would disagree...well, maybe the millions that use controllers with built in auto aim, drop shot, full auto fire and many more and that's just for console gaming mi thinks those people would disagree. This has been allowed to go on for so long by the Game Developers, Game Publishers and platform makers to the point that the people that use these things consider them perks. The only time anyone hears anything about this is when the Game Dev or Game Publisher is bragging about booting a few people who will find a way back in its really sad that no matter your choice of platform PC or Console its expensive, the game no matter if you buy or rent on a service its expensive and the playing field should be even but it will never change.