Exclusive: Molyneux Teases TWO New Projects on Tonights X-Play

G4 writes: "On tonight's episode of X-Play at 8PM ET, Peter Molyneux will drop some exclusive details on the TWO new games he is currently working on.

The first game is said to be "familiar" to gamers and will most likely be a new game in one of Molyneux's franchises. This could be a new Black & White or possibly something from his Bullfrog days such as Syndicate, Magic Carpet, or Populous, though the intellectual property rights to those games get a bit complicated. Molyneux has stated before that he'd like to revisit Syndicate, but that the rights issues might make it impossible. Syndicate fans can only hope…

The second game will be something completely different, not only for Molyneux, but he claims it's different from anything any development studio has done before. Is this one of Molyneux's classic promises? Let's hope not."

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KingDizzi3690d ago

ooh here we go, lets see what is bag of bull**** has to bring to the plate.

He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?

Foxgod3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Yes he can, he directed the fable series, populous, syndicate and the black and white series...

So strap your yap.

Seriously, just like the hype to hate MS, it seems to be a hype to hate people who promote their productions.....silly haters
Hating isnt cool in hip hop, it sure as hell isnt cool in gaming.

GiantEnemyCrab3690d ago

Fable 2 says yes he can.

We need more people like Peter who is passionate and is truly excited about gaming and being a developer. Too many haters and inflated egos in this business.

xenogamer3690d ago

fable 2 omg that game sucked huge donkey balls, you can even go on my gamertag and see that i didnt even finish the game lol its soo bad, it felt like more of a chore than anything else. I even tried playing it like a week ago but damn, after you play fallout 3 you just cant go back to a mediocre Wrpg. I also stop playing it to play fallout 3 in the first place.

NewZealander3690d ago

you didnt like fable 3 thats fair enough, but not everybody is going to like fallout 3, i hated that game with a passion.

Xi3690d ago

After playing an absolutely amazing JRPG like legend of dragoon, you just can't go back to the mediocrity of xenogears...


Games are like music, it's great that you have different tastes then someone else, but it doesn't mean you can insult them over it.

Xelai3690d ago

This guy has designed many of the greatest games in history, has defined by himself a few new genres and has the most inventive ideas around.

For me, he has done enough to recognize his talent.

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N4PS3G3690d ago

Very exciting! can't wait to see whats next

ruibing3690d ago

I've read something about the Dimitri Project.

jack who3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

360 only

edit: then port it to PC after a year

ICUP3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

then port it to PC.



proof me wrong then.

Foxgod3690d ago

Being jealous wont make you look good

ViceKingz3690d ago

being an as*hole wont either

that goes for jack off over there

laaakokaracha3690d ago

im sure one of them will be syndicate...he started with the hype a while ago...sometimes I wonder whether he really is a game developer or a marketing executive...

This guy is full of BS.

GiantEnemyCrab3690d ago

Of course he is a developer and a well respected one at that. You make it sound like he goes around talking all day and doesn't put out any games. Fable 2 just came out and it has been delivering on what he promised(sans CoOp). Fable 1 didn't and that is where he got his rep as a "big talker".

It's not like the guy goes around bashing, he simply talks about his passion of gaming and making games.

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