EA's Fiscal 2009 Update: Sales Down, Cuts Imminent

Two hours ago, EA issued a press release stating that their expected sales would be down for the fiscal period. Less than an hour ago, EA's John Riccitello and Eric Brown spoke in a conference call with investors and media, giving more details on EA's struggles, and the steps they'll take to rectify them.

EA will cut down on the number of total IPs, spend more marketing titles which are likely to sell well, reduce R&D spending year after year, cut jobs, and blames Nintendo and the Wii for part of its failure.

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GameCyteSean3598d ago

I don't know what happened... they had such potential, and looked and played so well in five-minute sessions.

Now, who knows if they'll get another chance.

Al3xand3r3598d ago

Wow, how can any company blame someone else for their own failings? Sure, Nintendo may have changed the market (though, really, everyone kept saying they have a new market of their own and don't affect others, where did that go), but it was up to you to keep up, adapt, and succeed. You failed :(

Chris Hansen3598d ago

"EA will cut down on the number of total IPs"
Ah crap, does this mean were gonna get like 5 Maddens a year now?