Rumor: Monster Hunter 3 could go multiplatform

When Monster Hunter 3 was revealed to the public, most were shocked that the game would appear on a Nintendo system. Rather than releasing on the PS3, Capcom had decided to go with the Wii to release the game. However, if the latest rumor is true, Monster Hunter 3 might not be a Wii exclusive after all.

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PirateThom3603d ago

Didn't John Diamonon hint at this before?

KingDizzi3603d ago

PSP release seems likely, cannot see a reason for it to release on Wii and Capcom to them spend huge $$$ to upgrade the graphics.

Monster Hunter 2G + PSP = 2 Million
Monster Hunter 3 + PSP = Well over 2 million

business is business, Capcom have drank the PSP juices are want some more

TheColbertinator3603d ago

Indeed.Monster Hunter is a very successful franchise in Japan.MH 2nd G has sold over 2.5 million

gaffyh3603d ago

It would be extremely stupid for capcom to mak ethis game completely Wii exclusive. They could easily get 2-3 million extra sales on PSP, and that is enough of an incentive to port the game.

xenogamer3603d ago

i would buy for my wii... and ive had my wii since launch, so if it does come to psp, ill just get it for my wii, does anyone know how to make the wii not blurry on my HDTV? it looks horrible on my tv but good on my bros SDTV, do the component cables make it sharper at all?

MelaDarkwood3603d ago

Pretty sure Monster Hunter Freedom 3 will eventually come to the PSP. But first, Monster Hunter Unite (English version of Monster Hunter Portable 2G) is coming out. Monster Hunter 3, on the other hand, will be a console game. The portable version will be later.

If this rumor turns out to be true....I will be very happy. I was sad to hear that only the Wii would get MH3... Since I don't have one, nor had any plans to get one. (Though I was thinking about it just for this game.) I'm so getting it on the PS3 if MH3 is ported. =)

Danja3603d ago

im still hoping capcom brings MH3 over to the PS3...MH3 deserves to be in glorified HD graphics..

ofx3603603d ago

OH MAN im excited if this is true. PLEASE come out on the ps3. It would be nice on the psp but mine broke(battery crapped out on me, lost my Monster Hunter save ironically, and through my psp...) but on the ps3 it would be sooooo amazing. I love the moster hunter series (if you can't tell) and it would dominate on the ps3.

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LokMessier3603d ago

You know it can go multiplatform, it could go to the DS, PSP, Xbox360, PS3, and stay on the Wii, perhaps even a PC platform; but you know the thing I want the most? I want this game to get some advertising and to come out over here in the US, hopefully in a quick manner so people aren't waiting 6-12 months for it's release >_<!

Monster Hunter is a great franchise, good enough to get its own MMO to over in Japan, but really capcom over here should do a lot more advertising of it, hopefully this time around it will get that and then the game will get more ground over here. Who knows with all that extra money that the more than likely will rake in from new people finally finding out about the game; Capcom [of Japan] may just do that multi-platform idea or update everything [graphics for those who love it and all] and put it on the PS3 and 360


TheColbertinator3603d ago

Of course it will be multi-platform but not yet.

Monster Hunter is like the Pokemon franchise or Gran Turismo.It will print money for whoever gets it.Capcom can release Monster Hunter on any console or handheld and rest assured with millions from Japan.

For now if you want to play Monster Hunter 3 day 1 of its release,you must have a Wii.I expect 360 and PS3 versions to follow by 2010.

tako20003603d ago

Even there is a port to other platform, I doubt anything will be difference with Wii version...

If that's that, stick on the hand-hold. PSP is the birth place of this game and many PSP owner still hoping they can play MH3 on PSP.

v1c1ous3603d ago

ps2 was the birthplace of the series

TheColbertinator3603d ago

Monster Hunter was born on the PS2 not the PSP

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