Atelier Ryza Getting Adorable Ryza Figure by Phat Company

Ryza from the Atelier Ryza series has certainly become one of the most portrayed JRPG characters by figure manufacturers.

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Takwin56d ago

You'd be happy coming home to that.

smashman9856d ago

The characters from animal crossing are adorable. This figure is borderline softcore porn. Not saying I have an issue with it. Just pointing it out.

annoyedgamer56d ago


As someone who used to sneak into the TV room at night to catch a glimpse of the softcore porn on HBO back in the day, I can safely say that you have no idea what softcore porn is.

That model is barely suggestive and is imitating basic female behavior in public that you will find in any European or Asian open space.

smashman9855d ago

@annoyinggamer As someone who watches regular porn on the Daily you missed the point of the statement.

Yui_Suzumiya56d ago

Have you seen figures from To Love Ru or No Game, No Life? 😂 .. How about watching Kiss X Sis .. Then get back to me 😂

smashman9856d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I've seen no game no life. Not the rest. But I'm not trying to make the point that there aren't things that are more sexual than ryza squeezing her tits together with her arms. I'm just laughing that it's labeled as adorable. I'm not even saying that ryza isn't an adorable character.

For what it's worth I think it's a very nice figure.

Inverno56d ago

Women can't choose their natural breasts size and you can certainly be adorable and have large breasts. Breasts alone aren't sexual people are just perverted.
Yes she's a fictional character with large breasts but the details you're meant to look at are her sitting pose and her facial expression. It's innocent thus making her look adorable.
Her boobs being pressed together is definitely fan service, but then again completely unavoidable lol

smashman9856d ago

I don't disagree with any of that. But yes it's fan service. Which means yes, the figure is meant to have sexual appeal.

Nothing wrong with that by the way.

Abriael56d ago

I have no idea what kind of "softcore porn" you've seen, but a glimpse of arms and thighs isn't it. 😂

smashman9856d ago

I see your reading comprehension is lacking. I didn't call it softcore porn. I called it borderline softcore porn. This of course means that it in fact is not softcore porn. With that being said, was the statement hyperbolic? Yes.

But don't act like I didn't call attention to the part of the figure I was talking about.

Abriael56d ago

LOL Have you ever been to a beach?

It has nothing to do with "softcore porn." Borderline or not.

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pr33k3356d ago

nice culture tag. very nice indeed.

yeahokwhatever56d ago

these people need to learn how to draw faces