Up Next: The 10 games you should be playing on your Xbox in September 2021

Dave writes: "We made a long-list of potential games for this Up Next, and it ran to thirty titles long. That’s no exaggeration: we had to kill our darlings and leave some awesome games off the table. That tells you something about the quality of games in this Up Next and of those Xbox games looking to release in September 2021. They’re good, they’re varied, and they’re coming for your wallet."

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masterfox141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

or you can play all 10 games mention here in another platform, they should add tags for PC, PS5 and I think even the Switch into this article.

Orchard141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

The article is “10 games to play on Xbox”, not “10 games to play on Xbox, PC, PS5 and Switch”.

The tags are fine and the article is accurate.

masterfox140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Those games are multiplatform it doesnt matter in what page is on and it had to refer as such, not doing so it gives the wrong idea and is misleading, tags at least should be added.

140d ago
Imortus_san140d ago

Nã. all bad games, let them be.