Elden Ring Multiplayer Won't Have Any Solo Invasions

During a brief presentation by FromSoftware, it has been revealed that the multiplayer experience of Elden Ring won't feature any solo invasions.

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toxic-inferno45d ago

Sounds fine to me. There have only been a handful of times when playing a Soulsbourne game where an invasion has been anything less than a frustration for me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy PVP. But preferably not when I'm exploring an area for the first time and the bonfire is within sight...

Eamon44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I remember during No Man's Wharf section of Dark Souls 2 became an absolute pain because of super powerful invaders. Dunno why that area was very popular with invaders, and I played DS2 earlier this year, like 7 years after release lol

Also, Ringed City is a popular invasion area in Dark Soul 3. But luckily the times I got invaded were when I had summoned friendlies. The invaders were still challenging but manageable.

As much as I'll miss solo invasions, they can be both very fun and very fustrating.

Darkborn45d ago

Idk that's part of the experience. I've been in both sides where I'm playing an area and get swarmed by players or a tough opponent, or where I'm the scrub coming in to get some souls. It's part of how the game is. Getting punished and doing the punishing all for the name of gitting gud.

Thundercat7744d ago

Cool. Then I don't have to play the game offline in order to have peace while exploring.