Mark Rein Tells Gears of War 2 Forums to "Relax"

Gears of War 2's various matchmaking woes will be fixed soon, Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, told members of the company's fan forums last week.

"Relax folks. We'll make it right," he wrote in one of at least nine posts on the matter.

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ihaten4glol3599d ago

Shouldn't have to "relax", it shouldn't have been so broken to start with.

cain1413599d ago

I agree, but seeing as Epic was so anti-demo/beta problems like this weren't fixed prior to launch like they have been with past AAA titles.

GiantEnemyCrab3599d ago

I was going to say something similar.

Of course Mark Rein is relaxed he just sold over 3mil copies and already got my money. But when I buy a game I expect it to work as advertised and while Gears 2 is great, it should not have the glaring bugs it has.

So how about you stop telling us to relax Mark and get up and get the damn patch out so I GET THE GAME I PAYED FOR, which is expected to work.

There anti-beta and demo policy is a big screw you to the gamers that buy the buggy game on launch day.

The game is still awesome but he needs to just say "A patch is coming very soon" and leave it at that.

boodybandit3599d ago

how about you give every person that purchased your broken game their money back? I bet you yourself wouldn't be too relaxed if you had to do that. Gears of War 2 is definitely one of those games I wish I could get my money back from. I haven't touched mine in weeks and I doubt I will because from the looks of things Epic doesn't seem to concerned over fixing it.

It should have never had matchmaking with voting to begin with. The original Gears was fine. Why did they feel compelled to change it?

jaysquared3598d ago

While the matchmaking is sometimes annoying it has gotten better fromt he recent patch. The best way to do it though is just have 5 of your buddies in your party and you won't have any trouble at all. I think one of the reason Epic changed the old system to the matchmaking system is so that people won't know until later who the host is. Everybody knows about host advantage in the first gears and now with the matchmaking system you won't know who host until you get owned by one shot shotgun blast. I like the matchmaking because now you can have 5 of your friends play with you in ranked games. I know you can do that in Gears 1 but it was a hassle trying to get 5 of your friends in a the same game.

FantasyStar3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I relax myself by playing other games. We can sit here and whine all day, but what's done is done. Leave the man to his work and let's occupy ourselves with other games until Gears 2 gets fixed properly. That's all. I do agree though that this serious of an issue should've been QA'ed the hell out of misery before going Gold.

We can sit here and play the "what if" game and the "should have" game all day, but that's time better spent for gaming and other stuff. We can discuss how much Epic Games sucks in the forums.

3598d ago
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Arsenic133599d ago

I hate having my chainsaw on a guys skin for 10 seconds and no kill but he revs for a second and kills me. Screw that.

cain1413599d ago

Host advantage is hard to mitigate without dedicated servers.

SCThor3599d ago

Someone is really wrong, and it's not MS or Epic.

Arsenic133599d ago

Its the games fault. Not XBL. Make some sense next time.

Truplaya3597d ago

if thats happened to you i recommend getting a new internet connection, i've played Gears2 a lot and never had any lag as bad as that! Only 1 in 5 games is even slightly laggy for me. Horde has NEVER lagged for me and the MP is not as bad as people make out on here. Matchmaking takes no longer if not less time than Halo3.

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SirLarr3599d ago

I can see it from Rein's point of view. It's just a game, and nerd rage can get a little petulant over such matters. Play another game, read a book, watch a movie, hang out with friends; not getting in a Gears 2 match is far from the end of the world.

GiantEnemyCrab3599d ago

I spend $60 (which is still a lot of money) to buy a finished product. Not to beta test a game that missed bugs any blind/deaf/dumb Q&A tester could of caught. 360 gamers have had enough of the "it's broke but we will patch it later" garbage.

I wonder how relaxed Mr Rein would be if he had to give $10 back to every gamer that bought it because it doesn't perform the way it should. My guess he would go into a sort of "nerd rage" himself.

tplarkin73599d ago

It's very hard to get into matches. Very often, you wait 5 minutes and then it restarts matchmaking. You have to quit out and retry and hope to get a match.

It almost breaks the game. Once your in, though, it works fine. (There will always be minor glitches.)

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OSIRUSSS3599d ago

Just to be clear. Are people saying THIS game is GOTY?

NMC20073599d ago

GOTY!!! YES!!!! Gears 2!!! GOTY!!!!
I say it but I don't mean it, I don't have a game of the year, I have many games that I enjoyed that year, nothing more, nothing less, GOTY is pointless really.

DARK WITNESS3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

i am not either... and i am an xbox fan.

as long as we keep smiling and saying how great it is, even when it so broken we will keep getting more of this.

personally i don't think gears deserves the hype or sales it got, sadly most gamers will say i am a noob and don't know how to play the game thats why i am complaining... ya well you can expect gears 3 to be out in 6 months with no textures at all and so many online issues it will set your phoneline on fire. people will still say its game of the year.

If EA, EA of all people, can bring out a game that is bug free at launch with no day one patch, why should i expect less from gears 2?

anyway, if they fix it properly maybe, maybe i will consider playing it. at the moment i have only played it online 3 times and i have not even finished the single player. ya, i would rather play COD 4.

oh and just incase, Dead Space is my game of the year ! followed very closly by Fallout 3.

visually the best looking game this year for me was farcry 2. the game had major problems of its own yes, but purely on a graphical rating, you can't deny it had some of the best looking environments.

gears is this close to going in the pre-owned bin for some cash back.

LeonSKennedy4Life3599d ago

Far Cry 2 did look good.

However, Crysis: Warhead came out this year.

3598d ago
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