Marvel’s Midnight Suns: List of All Confirmed Heroes

Here is a list of all the characters that will be present in the new upcoming Marvel game.

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CrimsonWing6993d ago

If this truly is X-Com with Marvel Characters I am fully in!

sourOG93d ago

Same. And it’s not the typical MCU avengers shit either which is even more hype.

DarthMarvin93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I don't understand why people always feel the need to invent their own stupid new characters when there are hundreds to choose from already. It almost never works. Harley Quinn is really the only example I can think of that actually succeeded.

TricksterArrow93d ago

Every character was new and invented at some point.

KillBill93d ago

"Hunter is an all-new original character who will be fully customizable, both in abilities and appearance. According to the developers, the goal is to enable players to truly immerse themselves into the world, to be part of the world’s story as their own avatar, instead of taking on a previously established persona." - it is explained directly that Hunter will be your main character that you build to battle along side the other characters.

MasterChief362493d ago

It's a shame I'm so bad at XCOM and other games like it, because I really like Marvel (probably one of the only people in the world that does [ /s]). Maybe it will be more accessible, though, given the audience they might be going for? Maybe it will be my gateway into being okay at these games!

sourOG93d ago

I doubt it. They went to firaxis for a reason.

gerbintosh93d ago

Ugh, Marvel keeps shoving Captain Marvel down our throats

CorndogBurglar93d ago

Captain Marvel was great until she started showing up in the movies, because they butchered her.

And she sucked bad in the Civil War 2 comic series. But other than that she's fine.

Double_O_Revan93d ago

I'm reading through the entire Civil War arc including side issues, and I don't like her there either. I can't remember a time when I actually did like her.

jukins93d ago

What?!?! You didnt like Captain Marvel in the comics basically doing what iron man attempted to do in avengers ultron?

X-2393d ago

X-Com but with Marvel characters? Count me in.
I hope they'll have X-23.

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