Top Video Games Releasing in September 2021

Sirus Gaming: We have had a decent run last month with some fun xenomorph hunting escapade in Aliens: Fireteam Elite from Cold Iron Studios, a director’s cut release of Ghost of Tsushima alongside its Iki Island expansion, and the gorgeous platformer from Double Fine, Psychonauts 2.

But next month will be massive for third-party games. As we’re heading close to the last quarter of 2021, September has tons of video games that will keep us busy until the next platform exclusive launch. Here are the top video games releasing in the month of September 2021.

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KillBill54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

"Deathloop - This is probably Sony’s last Bethesda game unless if Microsoft greenlit The Elder’s Scrolls VI to launch on PS5 because we know for a fact Starfield, once expected to release on Sony’s platform, is now an Xbox exclusive." - it's almost as if these guys are completely clueless about video games and simply search the internet for information. How did they miss that 'Ghostwire Tokyo' is also a timed exclusive on PS5 from Bethesda?

KillBill54d ago

Also they left out 'Lemnis Gate' which comes out 28 September and is highly anticipated.

FernDiggidy54d ago

Thanks for this. That F.I.S.T. game looks dope AF!!!! Day one buy for me.

gamer954d ago

Insurgency Sandstorm console release Sep 29