Firefox, Chrome virtually tied for JavaScript speed

On Tuesday, Mozilla released Firefox 3.1 beta 2 and Google released Chrome, so it's time for the latest installment of JavaScript performance testing.

Here's the highlight: Though Firefox remains the leader on the SunSpider test, with a score of 2,110, Chrome edged very close with 2,140. A lower score is better; because of some variation in results, the numbers I quoted are an average of several runs.


my sincere apologies. I cannot explain how i did not link the article directly but it seems it passed everyone of us.

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verb3k3598d ago

How did these people approve this????

Lord Anubis3598d ago

i'm not sure i linked it right but i don't know how it was moved back to the index page.

mintaro3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Chrome is the best for me anyways, and how did this get approved?

verb3k3598d ago

I found the article here:

It says Firefox is better.

dukadork3598d ago


i'm sticking to firefox as long as chrome doesn't support adblock

strotee3598d ago

IE rocks... oh wait...shorter is better. :)

villevalorox3598d ago

i use chrome XD faster but firefox has all ma plug-ins:( but ohwell. used to use firefox. ANd IE fn sucks balls!!

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