All-Console Avatar Showdown

Think customizable avatars are a passing fad? Well you're only half correct. With the recent emergence of the Wii's Check Mii Out channel and some late competition from Xbox 360's spanky new NXE Avatars, Miis are still hip to be spherical two years later. Add in the creepily realistic customizables found in PlayStation 3's Home, it looks as if gamers will all be shape-shifting across the nets as their favorite crime fighter/athletic felon/anime vixen well into 2010.

They're all free, so there's hardly a financial investment to consider. But one can still be prove to be an out-and-out victor that suits your needs better than the rest.

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chaosatom3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The Article is extremly gay.

mintaro3599d ago

So very, but it seems the NXE avatars look more like the people. Some exceptions aside.