GameZone: Prince of Persia 360 Review

Their unique animations – together with some of the most impressive voice acting since Metal Gear Solid 4 – help achieve that goal. I'm not one to watch in-game cinematics. The "skip scene" button (when there is one) often prevents me from having to endure the game industry's lousy interpretation of storytelling. Prince of Persia isn't like that. These characters are actually cool and likable. It's a sequel that shows that game makers are not only listening to our complaints but really care what GameZone thinks. And not just because of the bottom line – though that surely had something to do with it – more than likely, these developers are entertainment fans themselves. No matter how much they wanted to get back to the gameplay, GameZone couldn't bring themselves to skip a scene.

Gameplay 9
Graphics 9.5
Sound 9.1
Difficulty Easy/Med
Concept 8
Overall 9.0

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